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  • Hi Tridge,

    Very difficult sorry.I just found the wiki that supports the tilting motor on the website.I'll try it as soon as possible to see how it works.

  • @keeyen pang The version of the tilting fixed wing now has only one test machine and has not yet been sold.In the next half month, I would like to write a modification description for all players to do DIY.

    keeyen pang's Page
    keeyen pang's Page on DIY Drones
  • 100KM

    @makeflyeasy, I have a Believer on the way. Do you potentially interest to sell me one unit for testing? The range is just nice for our mapping project

  • Developer

    @makeflyeasy, we do support tilt aircraft of this type in ArduPilot releases already, so I'm a bit puzzled by your comment. I've sent you a PM - maybe we should have a chat about how the ArduPilot dev team can better support you?

  • HI Tridge,

    I am very glad to receive your comments. I am your fan.The official firmware of the tilting fixed wing is not yet supported. I use the developer version (the version developed by Kris is not open source), and the aircraft accelerator changes greatly during the tilting process, and the height maintenance can be further optimized.

    I also look forward to the release of ArduPilot's firmware soon, and I am willing to do my best to support the development of ArduPilot.

  • 100KM

    Hope Andrew can get it to the air soon. This modified Believer should perform better than Nimbus. I really don't like Nimbus's V tail servo arrangement. Unserviceable and subjected to dislocate. I have lost one because of this. 

  • Developer

    very nice setup, congratulations!

    I just received a believer from you (thank you) and I'm looking forward to flying it. I had wondered if someone would convert it to VTOL, and it looks like you've done it very nicely.

    If you need any assistance with tuning please let me know.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Take - off weight 6.3kg, load 900G, flight 78km

  • What is the current flight time recorded?

  • Your suggestion is very good!It's still in the testing phase, and it's still a while away from sales.We are preparing a tutorial on how to assemble, configure, and use aerial surveys.

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