From this interview in 2009. Totally unambiguos statement on model aircaft (recreational UAS):

“The FAA certainly doesn’t want to regulate model aircraft,” Talbert said. "Model aircraft are not to exceed 55 pounds or fly at an altitude of more than 400 feet. They must remain within the line of sight and not operate within three nautical miles of an airport or heliport", he said.

Seems to have been (and still is) the concensus at the FAA for years regardless of the amateur arguements that AC 91-57 is to be ignored. Note that he is giving a weight limit as well.

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  • i live in the nowhere town .. thank goodness i moved to the country
  • When you keep trying to get around traffic laws by calling your Harley a bicycle and go driving it on the sidewalk, don't be suprised when all the bicyclists who now have to register their pedal bikes and get motorcycle licenses to close your loophole want to kick the snot out of you.
  • wow im breaking every rule they made , guess i better learn to show data log instead of real vids..
  • All recreational model aircraft are sUAS's.
    Not all recreational sUAS's are recreational model aircraft.
    Gets a little confusing esp. when a great deal of what are being called "model aircraft" (even in the AMA) are not "model aircraft".
  • According to the FAA model aircraft are sUAS's used for recreation/hobby purposes.
  • Model Aircrafts = UAS's

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