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  • Not sure why you would want to fly with rudder when it has ailerons. It works very well with them on a Y harness.
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    It has been raining for ever here in Denmark!
    Can't wait to get air under wings.
    The tail shouldn't be a problem.

    I fly it with both Ailerons and rudder. I think you can fly it just using the rudder.
  • Hooks, what is your motor and ESC set-up? Have you flown it with the tail mod yet? Also are you using ailerons or just rudder?


    Adam A.
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    All parts are made from a mold I made out of the EPS foam version.

    I use Epoxy + GF for the for protection. (front+tail)

    Paint are from local store! Spraypaint.

    If any are interested in a cover I can make it on BO. But the proces takes 2 days! I only have one mold.
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    Hooks, how did you prep tail for glass, what type of resin/ glue/ paint ?
    Looks nice.
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    Still raining! So had some time to paint the front. Don't want it out of sight. :-)

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    Nice SOCK!
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    Little strength to the tail by this GF

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    Tail is too heavy... weight loss approach...

    Replace whole Elevator with built up balsa, spruce, use 1 x 4 mm carbon spar, & film covering.
    (use HS-65 servo)

    Replace Rudder with built up balsa frame & film covering, increase size 20% or so by adding 30 mm to bottom & remove 30 mm foam on boom (or all the way to bottom), then extend rudder by 15 mm to rear.
    Relocate Rudder servo to front with push pull lines routed thru 2 mm poly guides tubes in boom.
    (but increase servo size to HS-82 or HS-85 size)

    SkyWalker UAV weight loss program:

    epo foam Elevator w 1 x 4 mm carbon spar, ply mount plate, (2) 38 mm steel hex bolts,
    control horn kit & (2) 12 mm screws 62 gr vs 42 gr built up balsa = -20 gr (42 gr is still too heavy)

    epo foam Rudder with control horn kit & (2) 26 mm screws 10 gr vs 5 gr built up balsa, push pull = -5 gr but,
    no rudder servo in tail so -7 gr more = -12 gr

    elevator loss -20
    rudder loss -12
    total loss___-32 gr this will reduce nose weight of 90 gr or so..

    for about 120 gr total for other use....

    epo foam wing, bare (no glue, servos, extension cables, extra spars) 326 gr vs 2M eclipse balsa wing 354 gr no servos ailerons or flaps slightly larger wing area with semi penetrating airfoil
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    I would make a brace for the tail along the lines of the Nose Guard. Something that could be slipped over the tail section and secured at the fuse as well as bracing the tail surface. Picture a sock of sortes (with open toes) where the toes are the horizontal wing and the ancle is the fuse... Can't picture that? Ok let me crudely do it for you!

    Carbon would be cool, but light weight plastic or simple lightweight fiberglass would work.
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