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  • Thanks for the tip Wilsonj!!!
    ill hopefully test them tomorrow.
  • Thanks Morli for the tip.
    I was thinking about install them as far as possible from each other, so no LRS UHF reciever, video transmitter electronic stuff, would be effected. But I have still not mounted anything yet just thinking about where I should install them. Regarding to the FPV skywalker, I have taking a step further with mounting carbonfiber rods on each wing and the same as the fuselage. Anyway I hope it will be some good test.
  • actually I was suggesting you CAN mount the GPS inside the plane. But test it too, just to be sure.

    I'm not sure that the motor will effect the IR sensor. Although I have never mounted them that close either. Again, you might be best to test it to be sure.
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    IW28 ,
    Look closely to how FMA sensor are mounted in any other airframe. The IR sensors are mounted in way so that the X,Y sensor windows are diagonal to airframe's X,Y frame of reference. So unless you are mounting it one top of the motor( move your XY sensor couple of inchs to front on the wing. use good quality Velcro or double sided tape , I don't understand why you want to mount it there anyway?!!!) , the spinning prop won't be in the way. EM does not effect IR sensors in the way you imagine. Most of the airframes offer variety of mounting possibilities and there not much to be anxious about. In any case testing them practically is the only sure thing. Look at what others have done with their airframes and jump in.
  • Thanks for tip, but this canopy is really, really thin, but ill do some test for just in case. The more thing that Iam worried about is the IR sensor that is mounted close to the motor, will it be effected by the electromagnatic motor of the spinning prob, or is it anyway a good idea?
  • Just a note on mounting GPS modules. I notice most people mount them outside the fuse. I have both of mine inside and have never had a problem getting lock. I routinely get 10 sats. Signals have no problem going through foam. Just a tip.
  • LOL
    I didnt see the wire, it is actuelly the charger for the mobilephone LOL.
  • I love the receiver antenna. It looks just like a paper roll holder! oh hang on..........8-)
  • This is my FPV Skywalker, I was planing to install the FPV and RC equipments like that!!
    What do you think


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    Just had the first test flight with this version and setup.

    ESC 40A

    Main battery
    4S Lipo 4800 mAh

    4x Zoom camera
    5.8 Videolink 200 mW
    1000 mW 11,1V 3S lipo

    Feels like an old lazy lady in a good way. Yes it's possible to fly it only with rudder. The Ailerons is a little slow in handling.

    For test I used with and without FY20A stabilizer just to see how it handle before I launch the FY-21AP & FY3zt version.

    I am very confident this is the best hand launched platform out there.

    The belly/nosecover protection Just works like a charm. (If you have the time to make one! go for it) it helps on the heavy tail as well.
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