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I like robots, FPV, UAV and alot of other things...

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Exstreme cool! Designing my own UAV plane, that will look like the skylark elbit.

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iw28 commented on Kristaps Brass's blog post Lego Sorter [Prototype] by SPH Engineering
"Great project guys!, but why is the seperation time so slow?At  my University I saw a similar project but with much faster seperation time.  It was based on  a color sensor based on RGB values and reflection coefficent based on color reflection. not…"
Dec 29, 2017
iw28 commented on Thomas Stone's blog post IR-LOCK Sensor for Precision Landing, etc
"Just thinking if it would be possible to use a wii ir camera like this one this also output very high speed of the x, y coordinates of IR light and a third parameter indicating the size of the IR light. they communicate with I2C and requries few…"
Feb 18, 2015
iw28 commented on Tilman Griesel's blog post OpenFPV Update 1 - Modular telemetry with JS and HTML5 (VIDEO)
"Hi Guys
I am also trying to make a digital video transmitter but at lower frequencies so it will peform better in NLOS (non line of sight). I have so far using a modified video transmitter operating at a frequency of 442 MHz that I can switch the…"
Jul 20, 2014
iw28 commented on Rui Costa's blog post New Professional Multirotor Airframes
"Hmm I am sorry but it is a bit to expensive for me, especially because I am a DIY-guy. But what is the difference between the one you offer and the one from Hobbyking ? aka this one…"
Jul 8, 2014
iw28 commented on SkyDrone.aero's blog post Sky Drone FPV - Digital 4G/LTE FPV with MAVLink and APM Support on Indiegogo
"I am a bit confused, as far as I know the 3g cellular tower especially here in Denmark is designed such that the antenna is pointing downwards so flying via the cell network is that you won't be able to gain very much altitude. The reason is because…"
Aug 19, 2013
iw28 commented on jim C.'s blog post RVJET with autopilot APM 2.5
"Adam AKAV8RJust a question:why do you sell the plane for 325 USD, while at rangevideo the sell the plane for only 250 USD?http://www.rangevideo.com/rvjet-fpv-drone.html"
Jun 20, 2013
iw28 commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Composite FPV Drone from Hobbyking
"me to x8 4 ever"
Feb 13, 2012
iw28 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post PhoneDrone Android interface board now available
"Very nice 
does someone know if it could be possible to transmit video over wifi ? just like the ar drone. would be neat! :) "
Dec 8, 2011
iw28 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard."
"Beautiful quote !"
Dec 6, 2011
iw28 posted a blog post
Sep 15, 2011
iw28 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Don't feel bad -- small miltary UAVs crash all the time, too
"Month ago I saw the documentary series "Ross Kemp in Afghanistan" and they showed how to launch the Desert Hawk UAV. The Result was embarrassing, they ended with a crash :)"
Jun 20, 2011
iw28 commented on Riccardo Kuebler's blog post FunCub equipped with camera tracking a moving target
"very cool, I can see a homemade predator drone in the future :)"
Jun 14, 2011
iw28 commented on Alpo Hassinen's blog post TaigaCam and camera stabilizer, pan test
"very cool !
great if I want to zoom on an obejct while flying :)"
May 15, 2011
iw28 commented on Russell B. Sutton's blog post Arduino wants to eat pizza and get high on quadcopter.
Apr 30, 2011
iw28 replied to Jacob Thurnhuber's discussion Not the greatest place to purchase FPV/UAV equipments...
"Thanks for the discussion
I have been looking for this for a while !
Unbelievable because I have been trying to contact Hooks for almost a year now, no reply so far :( I have even tried diydrones, but no luck."
Apr 26, 2011
iw28 commented on Dinos's blog post Mega Hurtz paintball robot is the remote-controlled, armor-plated tank
"Sorry but cant see anything special about this machine, well its just a rc car that have been modified + a turret with a paintball gun. :o They sell them for thousands of dollars, instead making your own. I have made something similar but with a…"
Mar 1, 2011