RVJET with autopilot APM 2.5

hello everyone, after two weeks of settings and adjustments, the achievement RVJET fly with APM 2.5 in auto mode
Flying weight: 2750 grams
autopilot: APM 2.5
Motor: 3020 1110kv scorpion
prop: 10x6
Battery: 1 x 5000 + 1 x 3000

firmware : arduplane 2.73


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  • jim_c (and others)- Are you still flying your RVjet? I recently flew mine for the first time using settings from another large wing I have. It didn't fly as great as I would like, so I'm going to try your param file. Thanks for sharing. One question, how do you have your APM mounted? Mine is currently on the red RV mounting plate it came with. It seems this is too loose and might be causing more problems than helping vibrations. thanks!

  • what ESC did you use? I have an SK3 1200KV and Blue series 40Amp ESC. Do you think that will work with a 10x6 prop?

  • HI,

    could I please ask your opinion on something regarding the RVJET?

    Did you connect your servos directly on the APM or did you use an external BEC to power them?



  • What flight times are you getting?

  • Parameter files are at the bottom of the article. 

  • Parameter files are at the bottom of the article. 

  • I noticed in the parameter file you didn't set elevon thows?  Seems to be stock settings?

  • Hi,

    Our RVJET is behaving great in air, but we have problems with auto takeoff. Specifically, it is very difficult to launch it by hand. When we set NAV_TAKEOFF parameter at 15, usually plane won't stabilize, because target speed isn't there yet and autopilot already sets flight surfaces to hold 15 pitch. 

    Otherwise, if we set it at 5, then plane just doesn't climb at all, or climbs very slowly.

    Did you by chance encounter same behavior? If you did, then how did you overcome it?

  • I was able to mount a vertical camera in the nose of my RVJet for Aerial Mapping..  See my build log for details

  • Yes thats right, my target is to find airframe that capable of lifting 2 x 5000mah battery and achieve at least 1 hour for aerial survey with long mission plan. any suggestion are welcome..

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