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  • As with everything we do "it's application is what will be remembered" not to mention the response.
  • We tried using non-lethal rounds in Iraq, it didn't workout like we imagined. It actually caused more problems because of it complicated the rules of engagement. We have robots like this already and they just sit in the box they sent them to us in. Because, noone is going to carry these robots up the mountains in Afghanistan or on long range foot patrols. Maybe if these robots could be deployed by being shot from an artillery piece or dropped from a UAV they would be able to be used. Just my two cents as a 9 year Infantryman on my 6th deployment.

  • Sorry but cant see anything special about this machine, well its just a rc car that have been modified + a turret with a paintball gun. :o They sell them for thousands of dollars, instead making your own. I have made something similar but with a bb-gun instead. RC range was aprox 2-3 km and video 1-1,44 km in a typical city enviroment with trees, houses and so on. It did have a gyro stabilized tilt. I rather stick to UAV / FPV airplanes. :-)
  • Version 2.0 should have a stronger drivetrain and a suspension hefty enough to carry this dude's fully-charged Ego.

    Seriously? "It may sound simple, but it is actually quite a complex task. Several skills are needed including [....]   Luckily, I have all of this. But mostly what’s needed is vision, passion, creativity and motivation. I have all of this too."


  • @Varga András; if they are playing airsoft guns without safety glasses its their problem. :) I'm thinking of replacing bb gun with water gun! the summer is comming it can be fun ^^ remote controlled fire truck :P
  • Delete Comment I love the part of the UGV pulling a wounded soldier out of harms way!!!!!!
  • I remember a video of a Trex carrying and firing an automatic pistol.

    That was a few years ago.

    The difference between toy and weapon is often a case of determined stupidity.

  • well picture of the "romps" is much better. descirbed applications also.

    range - 1200ft (365meters). but asking directly the guy will do better job I guess - for battery type, how "oversized" are the tires, what is remote control, etc.

    however video in kickstarter seems very military - it is more automatic paintball guns and girls in black with guns(there are certain magazines for such auditory), instead of technical and functional details. some pictures are actually repeating several times. Just remember stupid "terror" videos from Ar.drone. However I start sound like a pratronizing and judging something I never actually touch...

  • here you can find the other Projects.

    Obviously this is a military based project but ardurover can be based on this vehicles (without weapons of course) just the mechanic part.

  • O h god..
    Dimitar take a look of the other projects...please..
    (.the photo is my mistake..)
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