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That has to be a file photo... how could that be only $3,000 ?
Hmm...not sure about that!
Isn't that a photo of the Shadow 400 UAV?!

Is this a surplus sale or something?
Yes that's a Shadow in that photo, lets wait and see what the real one looks like.
Then how can they say
"Photo is 1/1 actual photo of product's. Not sample photo.
All our UAV Airplanes are new, not second hand."

Some of the equipt we can see in the payload bays is worth more than 3 grand!
...and the landing gear in the photo would weigh more than the 7 kgs they say say the total weight of the whole plane!

I sent them a email request for more info.
Thats a stock photo of the Romanian Shadow 600 right off the web.

Shameless plagerism and false advertising be FPVhobby.
I'm going to leave this thread open and post up as a warning to others. False advertising will not be permitted on DIY Drones. Our moderators will delete posts that they feel are misleading, and repeat offenders will be banned.

In this case, the fault may lie with the FPVhobby, rather than iw28, so I don't mean to cast blame on the poster. But members are asked to also apply some diligence to a claim before posting it, lest they get tarred by extension.
I only posted it because it was something new that I just saw, I have also been trying to contact them but without any luck!!
Gee, thats too bad... and here I was wondering about the wiggle room left on my Visa (at the serious risk of a second divorce) or wondering whether Chris was going to "take one for the team" like he has on so many other occasions.

Just kidding!
Correction, it's a Shadow 600.

I think they have resolved this problem.  I will take one for the team soon.

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