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  • Thanks, Peter! :)

  • just received one today took 1 min to assemble it 10 min for the glue to dry

    didnt had to change nothing.

    everything went smooth as my plan wing :)



  • Just received mine today. 

    Easy to assemble. However, The limits in the interlocking parts was poor. I had to trim a lot of the parts just to get them to fit.

    With that said... I think this will be a nice enclosure if this was fix. I would like to see something ilk this in a stronger material such as carbon of fiberglass to give the APM more protection from crashes. The would will break very easy when it impacts the ground. This is great for handling though.  

  • I bought one and found it to be quite easy to put together and strong enough when glued properly.

    Maybe the material has changed.

  • I just got mine and world agree! Very soft wood and difficult to assemble without breaking.
  • Hello guys,

    I really liked this product and the design of it by Peter but unfortunately I just received mine and was shocked from the quality of the wood. It was much below my expectations because:

    1- It broke in my hand as I was assembling it. 

    2- the laser cut dimensions are way off limits, I mean nothing fitted into the other part without modification or breaking something ! 


    It's definitely not the SHELL material that would protect my Ardupilot. I hope the manufacturers could find better quality of wood, or just make the same material thicker and bigger.




  • What are the measurements of the box. I have ordered one, but want to work on fitting it into a design while I wait for it. I am unable to open the dfx files as I don't have software for that.
  • Are the plans available? id like to show off the hardware in lexan.....
  • 3D Robotics
    Ike, we add inventory nearly every week, as well as replenish things that are out of stock. Most new products are just things like cables and connectors, but every now and then we add a biggie, like ArduCopter.
  • 3D Robotics
    These will be for sale in the DIY Drones store next week.
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