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  • Wendi,
    What I do to reduce the picture size is open my picture in "Paint" and open the drop down menu under Image. Click on Attributes, choose Pixels for units and look at the width and height. Then, back under Image, click on Resize and enter the % reduction in horizontal and vertical. I like to post pictures around 500x500 pixels.
    I'm sure there is a faster way to do this but I know this works.
    By the way, your new UAV design looks really nice. What wing loading are you shooting for? Выставлен на продажу
  • Moderator
    When you add pictures there a little more dialog click that and then scale them.

    Great start looking forward to this coming together, very neat work!
  • I like,

    This seems like a good way to create your own airframe and make it accommodate all the stuff we want to get airborne. Must get some foam on my next trip to the hardware store.

    What software have you used in designing the plane? And to everyone out there: What is the best free/open source CAD/modelling software to get started with?
  • " How to get the pictures smaller? "

    Open the picutres in Windows Paint, the click on 'Image', 'Resize/Skew' and try 25% in the appropriate boxes and you should be somewhere near reasonable sizes.
  • I like the large photos! great detail.
    Looks like you are on your way to having a new airframe. Could you list the materials used, like type of glue, etc...
  • Looks like an EDF setup? If so, your only going to get a few minutes flight time (<10mins), not very useful for a UAV.
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    Would it be possible to get fingers in your full scale drawings. It's a very great design you made there. I would be able to make 3D model in Inventor.
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