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Buildlog/flight video of new Nitroplanes Raven clone

Here's a great video buildlog of Nitroplane's new fiberglass and carbon RQ-11 Raven clone (1-1 scale). I've got this kit and it looks very good, a real step up from foam for those who want lots of interior room. My only reservations are what looks like a fragile wing attachment with two screws, and this video review's discovery that it needs six (!!) ounces of clay in the nose to get the CG right.

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  • Anyone else have some build tips on this model???

    Buy the kit forn aerosight http://aerosight.com/Kitpage.html

  • Ive just received that model as well as a training model for my real RQ-11a (donated from the US ARMY for civilian research work). The unit looks great,but, be prepared to put lots of work into it because,  as expected, the Qa/Qc is crap. Have some sanding blocks an exacto knife and drill index handy, etc., you get the point.This unit could easily be modified to make a very close replica to the original.

     Re shipping, I paid 25$ for three day UPS shipping (L.A. to Sacramento). To complete the build, I modified the servo trays, the stab mounting techniques, the CF boom and a couple other pieces. Watch out for my video build log coming soon.

    My specs are 1 (maybe -2) 3S 2500 Lipo(s), a Neodym 1000kV '480' brushless w/45 A ESC, CC uBEC, 2x HS82MG servos, optima 7 Rx and a 9x8 prop. I upgraded the motor from the suggested eflight park 480 in anticipation of added electronics etc. The motor is a bit heavier but the unit produces 30 percent more power for the same prop.

    About the CG, it seems to have been designed with FPV in mind, given by the amount of interior volume and its tail heavyness.Good planning will avoid and por/ reduce dead weight. Checking the actual CG PRIOR to flight will avoid catastrophe as this sucker will float away uncontrollabIy if tail heavy in the air. I have seen one guy actually remove the cone and extend it forward to balance the CG.It helped him, but I prefer to keep the unit as one peice. If additional weight is required, try to make use of it, such as body reinforcements, increases in the battery capacity/voltage, added or increased camera resolution,adding telemetery ,etc.

    In the hobby king video, it seems to fly just fine with a GoPro (w/case) camera mounted on the nose.

    Anyone else have some build tips on this model???

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    Wingspan 1600-1800mm will make it a winner.

    Got one from ebay - they send overseas.

    NP won't send this model overseas.

  • LOL takes off just like the real one!  Nice video work.

  • @bGatti -- I was thinking the same thing, and a bit surprised that the reviewer didn't mention it himself.  Had he placed his own camera  more forward, he could have balanced the plane without the added ballast.  In the video (toward the end) it appears to be mounted on the CG.

    On the other hand, I guess placing a side-looking camera on the CG will give a smoother video.

  • Chris, I wouldn't sweat the 6oz CG adjustment, the point of such a frame is to load the nose with electronics, it would be a poor design that didn't presuppose filling up that proboscis.

  • Chris ,

    what prop /motor are you going to use  ? i have found a number of motor/ESC suggestions  but nothing about prop size/pitch !!

  • Very fast for an fpv plane IMHO

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