I was wondering how feasible it would be for a drone to deliver long distance by hitching a ride

by a passing train or transport etc... And getting off at the next building.

Maybe one day people will have personal drones to deliver our eBay sales etc, this way?

What is your idea about it ?

I feel like testing a flight by hopping on a passing train then drive to the next city

and have it fly hope off to me again. Going to ask my local train company permission to try or

I could just do like a hobo and call my drone the hobo drone. 



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  • They're humanoid drones, programmed to get it there on time. 

  • Those drones look a lot like people.

  • CSX might get a little upset when their trains start looking like this.


  • @Kelly Schrock Thanks 

    It came to mind when at a train Museum in Hillsborough Village in New Brunswick, Canada. I seen

    this contraction found it very interesting I said to myself in this age of technologies you could have a

    drone get on and off without the train stopping too.



    Good points, I think landing in a box car with sand for testing could do it, Sink in the legs lol

    I can imagine some drone maker have there drone delivered to the customer this way in the

    way future. Drop in on top the train when at it's destination the drone would take off and land in the

    the backyard or a designated place for drones. :-)


    Love the perching technology idea works perfectly for Hitching a Ride on another vehicle.

  • IDK it seems possible, but I think it would be better to develop perching technology first. In case you have no idea what I am talking about I am referring to an idea to let drones perch/hang on power lines and recharge using power from the power line.

  • I never thought of that, but it's ingenious. Problems I think of (after a minute or so of thinking) are:

    1. Getting a drone (and whatever package it's carrying) to sit securely on the train while it's moving. Cars sway back and forth, and trains in my area travel in excess of 70 mph. Some kind of attachment point would be needed.

    2. Regulations regarding LOS.

    3. Cooperation from train lines.

    All of those are pretty obvious, I know, but that's what I thought of. I like the idea though.

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