I have a Atmega1280 Board with the IMU. On uploading the firmware 2.0.41 from Arducopter I get an error in MP.

After this MP can´t get my AMP version. So I decided to test it with arduino 22 and I get this error:


avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I testet many times and read many threads.


After testing to upload the bootloader with a friend, we can´t get it working to upload id.


So I give up and by a new Atmega2560.

After two days later I see this thrad:



So I decide to order the Pololu USB AVR Programmer and will test it again to upload the bootloader.

Today I get the Programmer and I also get working my Atmega1280 Board.


Now I will completely describe how you can upload the bootloader to this, so that not all people have to serach and search like I. There are many short posts and blogs about this, but I missed a complete description.


Ok let´s go on:

You need to download the drivers (I download only the driver not the whole Bundle) for the Programmer:


USB AVR Programmer Windows Drivers and Software

After installing the driver you have to disconnect the Programmer and reconnect it than it should work under a com port.


After this you have to folow this steps:



You have to connect the board to the programmer and also provide power to the board. I do it by a FTDI Cable. You can do this also on the two pins on the side of the board. (Take a look at the picture)


After this you start arduino and select the right board (Atmega 1280 or Atmega 2560). After you done this you have to start the Tools > Burn Bootloader > w/ AVR ISP v2


If you get an error that you have to check you cable you have to turn around the plug for the ISP.


After uploading and get a "DOWN" you have to disconnect the board from your pc and reconnect it with the fti and upload a example or so. This should work.


A picture how I have to connect it is above.


Thx for John Leichty for the good post and info, I hope it´s ok to provide the good info he give in the post here.




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  • Yeah, no problem. Glad my info was useful, and thanks for writing the whole process up.

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