Burning Arduino Bootloader without external AVR-Writer

Hello,I write this post for who like me have an Arduino Mini USB Adapter and want to upload code (or burn bootloader) by ISP on ATMEGA168 or Attiny45.This is the connection schema from Mini USB (or any FTDI cable based on FT232RL chip, you can also use an Ardunio Diecimila) to Ardupilot ISP port:

You must also connect power source to Ardupilot (BEC, Mini USB or what u like).For programming Attiny45 you must use the Attiny45 ISP port.Here the complete guide to burn the bootloader.In this way i've readed the fuse from Attiny45 and I find that my ATMEGA168 is probabily dead (when i try to read fuses i have the error message "signature error").
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  • Check on Arduino site, for example you can use an Arduino diecimila board (without ATMEGA chip) as FTDI cable for Arduino mini (or for what u want because u have just to use +5, GND, TX, RX and RESET)


  • Thanks for posting this. Do you know of a method of using the FT232RL chip on an arduino board as a ftdi cable for other devices such as the ardupilot?
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