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Hello Drone Community,

This is your chance to change things with commercial drones and the FAA.  Feel free to sign my petition and lets change the "Drone Market" in America for good!  The current ruling of the "Team Black Sheep" case has all us in a sticky situation.  Please feel free to let me know how you feel about my petition and any concerns you have with my petition.

Make you voice heard,

Joshua Johnson - CEO - CAD Drones LLC - CADDrones.com

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  • @Gary Mortimer,  I fully agree.  I created a forum on CADDrones.com for just that purpose.  I think as a community we can create a reasonable list of regulations based off of the current international drone regulations from other countries.  I created a blog to spread awareness on the Forum that we can build on as a community.

  • @Tim,  WE the PEOPLE" Petitions can only be 800 words in length maximum.  I would of gladly put all that information with the petition but their was no way I could explain the issue and share all the data in 800 words or less.  First we must get the government and FAA to acknowledge that the lack of regulations and the fact that the FAA believes they have regulations in place is hurting American Drone Businesses.  

  • @David,  Yes it is still an extremely slippery slope that is still risky to engage in.  I believe a lot of people that are bashing the idea that the FAA can still come after you for commercial use don't own companies or have ever tried to sell their drone services for profit... So I believe it is hard for most people to say "just go ahead and sell commercial drone services. Dont worry you won't get into hot water with the FAA" when they haven't taken that leap into commercial business with drones themselves.

  • @David,  Thats awesome that you shared that map with me because I have been looking at similar air traffic maps to determine where to house the CAD Drones LLC Testing Facility! :)  I actually have been in contact with some real estate agents to purchase a large chunk of land North of Minneapolis right around the middle of the Word Minnesota on the map.   Their is some really nice land that could be used to house CAD Drones LLC once we have the financial capital to expand.

  • @Flying Monkey,  Lol I am almost to that point that I might end up doing exactly what you said.  So many local companies here and Minnesota have asked me if I can engage in commercial applications such as Photography,  Mapping, Thermal, etc.  But as of yet I have been really hesitant to move forward with hiring experienced pilots for commercial contracts. 

  • @Oliver,  The reason I made that statement is because Tim made this statement:

    Comment by Tim Green 9 hours ago

    "Let me ask you this josh ... Do you want the FAA regulating your use of a 33g ladybird fpv quad?"
    So please before you bash me on here can you read all the comments that have been posted...
    When it comes to what I care about in conerns to Drones my rankings go as such:
    1. Safety and Legal Use
    2. The International Drone Community
    3. The American Drone Community
    4. The Minnesota Drone Community
    5. Then CAD Drones LLC my company
    I've donated a lot of time, money, and work into the drone community before I ever started my own company.  CAD Drones LLC is 3 weeks old as a company so I am sorry If I seem like I am highly engaged into a venture that I am a big part of with multiple people in the industry.
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    There's no laws or regulations keeping a business from making money using UAVs, Remotely Piloted Aircraft, or Drones... so just go and do it!!  Eventually the FAA will come out with regulations, at that time you can start following them, lol.

    Perhaps, but geez, slippery slope there.  With all the traffic in the sky, would want to make sure you've got all your safety practices and insurances up to date.

    Air traffic over the US right now - Minnesota looks like a good place to be based (:


  • Joshua Johnson wrote: "If I was using the very small 33g ladybird for commercial use/profits then yes I want them to lay regulations that let me know what I can do to keep me, my employees, and our business out of hot water."

    I'm sorry, but this gets the prize for the all-time most ridiculous and/or possibly self-serving statement ever published on DIYDrones. Credibility: Zero.

  • Moderator

    Like Gary said, there are many countries more advanced with this than the US. 

    Easy way to do this would be to pick the eyes out what the other countries have done and apply it in the US.  If I was going to put up a petition requesting regulations, that's what I would have done. 

    Ask for 3km height restriction and get 1km.  Still a good thing in my books and much better than having 121 metres forced on you.

  • There's no laws or regulations keeping a business from making money using UAVs, Remotely Piloted Aircraft, or Drones... so just go and do it!!  Eventually the FAA will come out with regulations, at that time you can start following them, lol.

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