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Hello my Fellow Diy Drones Members.  I am currently opening up to anyone who wants to join in on the Beta Testing and eventfual full release of!! The Ning Basic Plan caps me at 1,000 members so the beta limit is going to be set at 1k.

What are We looking for?!:

1-2 Admins, 10-20 Moderators, CAD Beginners, CAD Experts, HTML Geniuses, Website Techies, phpBB Experts, etc.  Basically anyone who feels that this is website will serve an amazing purpose for the Drone Community and wants to help assist or be a part of it.

What are we trying to do with!:

We are trying to build the worlds largest open source CAD Community that is 100% Focused on open source Hobby and commercial CAD Drones collaboration between experts around the world.  If the beta goes good then we are going to get on a specialized Ning plan that will allow us to turn this into the worlds largest CAD Database for Drone Part Printing, Designing, and the sharing of files amongst community members.

Who is in Charge of! Who makes the decisions?!:

The community of course!  During the Beta Process and beyond the full release of the website the members of CAD Drones will be able to vote in polls and voice their opinions on which way the website goes on this great journey.  The polls will be the deciding factor on major decisions like whether to go with the Ning Forum Platform or use an embedded 3rd Party forum system and also the beta members will ultimately decide the Website rules and such.

Come check out and be a part of the beginnging of something amazing!


All the advice I can get right now would be great!!

Joshua Johnson

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  • Really awesome !

  • I have just joined, and am in the process of building my new CNC machine to replace my old home made one which worked but was not good for repeated jobs, so i will be busy over the next few weeks :-) you can see more information on my blog :-

  • 400 visits and 40 Members in the first 24 hours!  Props to everyone on who is making this growth possible with all of their side efforts!!


  • Hello Curt,

    Your approach to CAD & Drones seems very similar to mine.  I'm trying to build a platform with that is easy for beginners and people with little to no CAD expirience but can also be beneficial to expert level CAD Engineers.  I am very interested in your personal CAD Program I'd love to download it and give it a try.  It sounds a lot like Inventor Fusion.  The very basic very that skilled people can still find use of.  I'll check out your videos and such and would love to have you as an active member with your CAD projects on!  The blogs are lacking at the moment so feel free to share a blog or 2.

  • Hi Joshua,

    I've been working on a design program on the side that aligns with your project here I think.  I'm taking a little bit different approach though: my tools are form based so you don't need to have professional level cad experience to use them.  The hope is that ordinary people will be able to create simple designs in just minutes.  My program outputs a 3d model of the exact structure you have created + full size build plans + laser cut sheet layouts of all the shaped parts.  I have setup a simple website here with more information and a ready to run windows version you can download:

    I also whipped up a couple intro videos that walk you through the basic process of creating a wing in < 5 minutes.

    This is a work in progress of course ... right now the tool set can only build wings, but I hope to extend these techniques towards building fuselages and entire aircraft.  It has been a really fun learning experience for me, maybe it will be helpful for some model airplane & uav creator designers out there?

    MAdesigner – Model Aircraft Design Tools.
  • I promise I'm not building any more sites or endeavors  ... Unless I start my own website building business! ;)

  • @Jesse,  I'm currently still working on all those website and projects at least once a day in message, emails, etc.  Since I am getting a degree in CAD Engineering I want to Focus all podcasts for HobbyKingNews,DiyDronesNews,MUAVA,Diy Drones Newspaper, DroneCafe,Minneapolis, Minnesota Fly Club,  around CAD and Drones.  I want to start a 3D Printer Company so this is my first step towards integrating all my podcast series and sites onto one social networking site (CADDrones).

  • I think it's great you've got so much enthusiasm for drones! It's awesome! Just one small critique... I've seen a lot of the great ideas you've come up with and sites you've launched, but they seem to be forgotten shortly after they're 'born'. I'd suggest focusing your energy towards one or two of them, making them into quality products, rather than continuing to launch some new website. For example, DroneCafe is a very cool concept site, but it's lacking... well, everything. Just a recap of some of your ideas...
    Midwestern Unmanned Agricultural Vehicles Association
    Diy Drones Newspaper
    Minneapolis, Minnesota Fly Club

    Again, all launched with great intention, but I would put your energy towards "quality". I think you'll end up achieving more that way.

  • I'm in desperate need of a good graphic designer for a logo at the top and help with nice background designs and such.  If you can be of any help please comment here and sign up for the beta and message me.

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