Call for podcast guest suggestions (numero dos)

I realize we've asked for suggestions before but I thought it was time to start a new thread and perhaps get some new and timely suggestions. Feel free to repeat ones from the last post again if you'd still like to get them on the show.

Who would you like to hear interviewed?
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  • Video tutorials on math, physics, or software would be pretty useful. I'm not so sure that audio-only would be very helpful.
  • 3D Robotics
    Bill Premerlani has already posted some excellent DCM math tutorials and other papers on the UAV DevBoard page here. The DCM is the same as used in ArduPilot Mega/ArduIMU
  • @Chris: perhaps it's worth putting a call out for transcribers. If I weren't so busy at the moment, I would happily volunteer...

    @Alex: since I'm relatively new to all this, I would absolutely LOVE to see such a math/software tutorial! Add my name to the list of supporters for this idea!
  • Chris, I suppose you could try YouTube and I could use the "Auto Transcribe" - it's pudgy at its best but it's something.

    Regardless, I look forward to see what the interview will be like and all that :D I love this community.
  • How 'bout Russ Tedrake, of MIT's Robot Locomotion Group? His work is very relevant to the work that goes on here, and he seems to have his hands in many interesting projects, mostly employing the LQR-Trees he developed. There's a video of an excellent presentation he gave here (in which he explains LQR-Trees very well): (the videos he presents don't seem to work, sadly).
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  • maybe not suitable for a podcast (audio only) but i think it'd be neat to maybe do a lesson on some of the math behind autopilots and autonomous flying. theres a lot to explore, and i'm not sure if this community would rather see basics (overview of what a kalman filter is, or how you transform frames of reference) or something more advanced (comparison of different kinds of kalman filters, how to model gyro noise as a random walk).

    just a (math-y) thought.
  • 3D Robotics
    I did ask the Paparazzi guys before but they declined. Maybe now that we're bigger, they'll reconsider?

    @Jonathan, I wish there were a good automated way to transcribe interviews (do you know of one?). Unfortunately we don't have the resources or time to do it manually.

    @Magellan, we've already done Bill Premerlani (here)
  • Mikro of AeroQuad fame (Ted Carancho sp?)
  • Yeah, I third the Paparazzi suggestion. Would like to hear what they're working on, where they're heading, what their thoughts on all the new open-source autopilots are & would like to hear a couple words about a common telemetry standard.
  • Gautier Hattenberger or/and Antoine Drouin from the Paparazzi project
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