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Alex commented on Alex's blog post A Call to Action for AUVSI Members in the UAS Community
"I filled it out, then 'Review Your Message' lets you see the letter (and who it's sent to) and 'Send Message' sends it."
Mar 13, 2011
Alex posted a blog post
(Via AUVSI, really only relevant to USA-ers:)Click on the link below to send a timely and important e-mail to your Member of Congress supporting the House FAA Reauthorization Bill (HR 658), which includes provisions granting unmanned aerial systems…
Mar 13, 2011
Alex commented on Earl's blog post TH-9x TX mod
"Very cool! I'm actually modding my TX to do something similar :-)"
Oct 20, 2010
Alex commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post ArduCopter Development & Production news--Pre-orders now starting!
"I had same problem as an earlier guy, but i had to make a paypal account. I put in #62 wire transfer, but it said distributor only, so i put in #63 w/ a new paypal account, which i now have to go cancel..."
Oct 20, 2010
Alex commented on Colin's blog post Ardupilot Mega Twinstar Build
"@Peter looks like top tube is the static tube. you can see the tiny holes in the side, and the end should be capped. the lower tube looks like the pitot tube (hole in the end)

My question is on the tubes as well. I thought rule of thumb was twice…"
Oct 19, 2010
Alex commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Proposed Open Source Hardware guidelines
"Now would be an excellent opportunity to look at the mechanisms by which we share the board designs. Right now there is no good (dedicated) solution.

SparkFun and DIYDrones Store have some products with links to the board files in the bottom, but…"
Oct 9, 2010
Alex posted a discussion
Hey guys,Has anyone else experienced a failure in the APM mux?I've been playing around with my APM and today I was playing with the dancing servo demo with some (really crappy somewhat dead) servos i've have scrounged from crashed planes.Now I've…
Sep 29, 2010
Alex commented on Joel's blog post H-Cell 2.0 Hydrogyn fuel cell hybrid power-train for RC models
"There have been UAVs (rc planes) made with PEMFC's (this kind of fuel cell). Check out Ion Tiger: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091013123350.htm
Just goes to show what kind of flight time you can get out of a Fuel Cell, a Hydrogen…"
Sep 20, 2010
Alex posted a discussion
(I applied for membership to the arducopter dev list but figured it was worth posting here anyways)I'm a student in Electrical Engineering student at university, and I'd like to work with ArduCopter in developing a new Electronic Speed Controller…
Sep 20, 2010
Alex commented on Roberto Navoni's blog post ARDUROV PROJECT - REMOTE OPERATED VEHICLE
"This may be of interest to anyone using arduino's for the AUVSI Student Underwater Vehicle Competition. I'll ping my universities' team, and I'd advise others to do the same :-)"
Sep 18, 2010
Alex commented on Stig A. Pedersen's blog post DIY Drone joint venture platform
"No idea how much you've delved into the RC flying community (sans drone/autopilots), but IMHO this community is sorta like an organic extension of that.

There are lots of airframes and styles, and there will always be many. The best systems and…"
Sep 18, 2010
Alex commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post New MTK firmware fix update.
"Any way to make this work under linux?"
Sep 13, 2010
Alex commented on Mark Whitehorn's blog post ArduPilot 2.6 + ArduIMU V2 in Telemaster Electro
"I have to give a quick <3 to the red-monokote covered telemaster :-)
We (NC State University Aerial Robotics) love our (modified) red 8' telemasters.
*goes back to lurking*"
Aug 9, 2010
Alex commented on Tim Trueman's blog post Call for podcast guest suggestions (numero dos)
"maybe not suitable for a podcast (audio only) but i think it'd be neat to maybe do a lesson on some of the math behind autopilots and autonomous flying. theres a lot to explore, and i'm not sure if this community would rather see basics (overview of…"
Jul 14, 2010
Alex commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Open Source Hardware draft definition and code of conduct
"I wonder how the 'no discrimination against people/groups' will work out with ITAR restrictions. Especially here in the realm of unmanned/autonomous aircraft and autopilots. Small fast aircraft + autopilot + payload => guided missile, so we (I say…"
Jul 14, 2010
Alex replied to Nate Hill's discussion Out of line-of-sight communication
"You might get a different answer from everyone, so for what it's worth here's mine.

I'm in a university UAV team so we have all kinds of safety regulations when we fly. Long story short we have an external-to-the-autopilot end-all-be-all safety…"
Jun 30, 2010