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  • Well I had the BROM_CMD_START_FAIL issue tried numerous baud rates etc....WORKS. I swapped the tx/D- & Rx/D+ cables. I now have the big 'O'   :)  my proven baud rate was 38400.

    So on mine the green cable went FTDI Rx --> GPS in

  • IM using MediaTek 2239 GPS with ArduIMU V3. When im uploading the frimware to module i got the error

    Fail!!(Download)   DL_HANDLE error code

    Please any one can help me?

  • Recently just bought a new mediatek gps from DIYdrones. I have connected the mediatek gps with ftdi cable. I run the powerflash.exe as per instructions from the Arducopter googles page. I link to the 115200 baud and correct com port and selected the agent file and ROM file but it will fail the downloading. (BROM_CMD_START_FAIL)...


    I have tried changing the baud rate and swopping the tx and rx cable but still fail the downloading.


    Any advise?

  • Ahhh the coveted green 'O'! Using the FTDI connection direct to the gps allowed the firmware update to complete. With the new firmware, I am no longer in the Aegean Sea. Welcome back to S.W. Ohio!
    Thanks for your help.
  • Excellent.  I will give this a shot in the AM and post my success.  Thanks for the fast response.  I love open source project!
  • 3D Robotics
    Yeah, I don't think the pass-through code will work with this version. You'll need a proper FTDI cable.

    I've updated the manual to make this clear.
  • I think this firmware update is the root of my problems....however, the update fails every time with the error ...
    Fail!!(Download) BROM_CMD_START_FAIL
    I am using an APM with IMU. I have loaded the pass through code. This is a show stopper. Any help?

  • Hi TCII,

    Yes, I have a FTDI cable, and it works like a charm, but de Mediatek GPS has D+ and D- ports to direct use with USB, what I wanted is to use the adapter linked directly to a USB cable without the FTDI in the middle. I already cutted the IN and OUT strips and soldered two wire from D+ and D- to IN and OUT pads. But the

    Sorry for the bad english :\

  • Admin

    You will have to get serial TTL level to USB converter like the FTDI cable. Jordi sells a MediaTek to FTDI cable adapter. Check the DIY Drones store for availability.

  • I got a mediatek with an adapter, but want to use it with USB, any ideas to make it work?

    Best Regards
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