Camera bay doors coming soon for techpod.

Hello everyone,



I just wanted to show off what I've been working on lately for the techpod. Is a mechanism to at automatic doors to the camera bay of the techpod. This will allow people to mount a camera in the belly of the techpod and gather unobstructed vertical photos and still keep the camera protected during landings etc.


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    Nice picture, Wayne :)

    I still not understand how it works :)))


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    it can fit but you would have to mount the camera lengthwise. getting the viewing angle for the wide angle lens is difficult. this is a cross section view


    the doors have more room to swing wider if needed. a change to the crank wheel can take care of it.

    here is a shot of it with a clear fuselage. I would need to modify the bay area slightly but that is easy with 3d printed parts.


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    thanks guys. It uses a retract servo so it uses no power to stay up or down. I 3D printed the plastic parts on a replicator dual. I can post some drawings in the morning.


     look for a PM from me.

  • now thats cool, very impressed

  • Very nice Wayne.

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    @wayne - thank you very much

    I would be using a Sony Nex 5n with a 16mm lens (SEL16F28). And I would be interested if there would be some space left around the camera allowing me to build a camera mount compensating roll ...

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    Dear Wayne.  :)))

    May be few photos of kinematic? Very interesting.

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     probably, which exact model and lens will you be using? I can make up a quick cad model to see how it would fit.

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    very nice! Can I fit a Sony Nex 5 in the Techpod?

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    Now this is what we have been waiting for!

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