Hi all! In this video the first test of my new heavy CamLifter OktoKopter.
The specs:

- CamLifter Heavy OktoKopter - Carbon frame and landing gear by Klaus Peters (
- Battery holder by Alessandro Parisi (AleBS)
- AltiGator A3536-LE Motors
- APC-E 13x6.5 Props
- HobbyKing 30A ESC (F30A) reflashed with "SimonK Firmware"
- AfroI2C converter
- Mikrokopter flight board
- 3DR Radio 900 MHz telemetry
- FC "hot swap adapter" by Marco Robustini
- 4S 5000 mhA 30C LiPo (x 2)

Using my "hot swap" adapter" I can remove the Mikrokopter board and install ArduCopter APM2 in just two minutes, without remove a single cable.


-= Marco =-
(AC Dev Team)

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  • Ok then, thank you so much. I will use your motor-esc config.

    Just as a side thought (and probably off-topic here), it would be interesting to run some poll or similar to get information from people out there who have suffered or witnessed problems related to motor-esc synchronization. I know it is difficult to be 100% sure of the cause of a failure, but with more events described on this it would be easier to identify the cause, and it would also show what configurations are proned to fail.

    I should say causes, as it probably depends on the propulsion system integration. As you comment on your video, it is probably not related to the ESC (or at least it happens for a broad class of ESCs), and I think the propeller selection plays a role also.

    Thanks again for your help!


  • Developer

    Hi David, zero loosing sync with my setup! ;-)

  • Hi, Marco. Nice setup.

    The question is, I cannot afford testing a lot of motor-esc configurations to ensure I will not suffer a motor stop again, and I just would like you to confirm your setup (AltiGator A3536 with F30A reflashed and APC-E 13x6.5) is reliable.

    Posting this question in a somewhat old post... Anyway, would you mind to comment on this? Any problems found with this setup regarding to motors-esc? I have suffered a badly hard crash with my quad, most probably as a result of loosing sync (same problem you show in one of your videos). Not going into details on this.

    Thank you so much in advance!


  • hello, verry nice copter, i build one with the same components but i have 2 questions: how havy is this copter ready for flight without camera and what is your flighttime? greets, jörg

  • Hello marco,

      I'm interested in going down the same path as you as far as the frame, motors and props are concerned. Are you happy with your setup? What do you think of the  AltiGator A3536-LE now you've flown them a bit?

      Any comments would be appreciated, and thanks for sharing your setup...

  • Developer

    Yes Cliff, i use 0.88 firmware, tested with two different gps unit (the new 6M and the old 4M) with same result, max 1 meter of radius in position hold, which is quite normal for Mikrokopter or Wookong... :-)

  • Wow, what beast, a very gorgeous beast.
  • Very impressed with the flashed F30's. Can't wait to switch over to simonK mystery ESCs from the SiLabs stuff (just not working for me).

    Are you running 0.88 firmware? I noticed in 0.88 a lot of the GPS/Pos hold is now very, very good compared to older versions (e.g. 0.82/0.83)

  • @Marco Robustini: Thanks Marco, will look into it tomorrow when FedEx delivers my 3DR-kit! :)

  • Developer

    Thanks for your comment!
    @Perelo: it's easy, follow the pinout of the "debug" port of the Navi (look at the port of MK-USB, is the same) and connect GND/+5/TX7RX of the 3DR Radio, that's all!

    @Dany: yeah, SimonK increase the performance of all the quad!

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