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  • You're right Thomas on all accounts. From Jordi's last response, it is a series diode.
    which is fine, but I was looking at the diagonal picture of the board it really looked
    as the cathode was tied to the ground plane, I'm sure it isn't though....just looks
    that way from that angle. It's all good....sorry for controversy :) .
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    If you are attempting to create reverse polarity protection for the board's Vin, then you would use a low voltage drop Schottky diode in series with the input with the anode of the diode hooked to the (+) of the battery.


    Your "Happy Diode" diagram is correct, but serves no function unless you plan to use a zener diode of the appropriate voltage and a current limiting resistor to provide some form of voltage regulation or over voltage protection for Vin. If the battery voltage on Vin is reversed the diode will most likely fry, unless it is very big, while shorting the output of the battery.


  • Developer
    Michael, you diagram is different from mine. The negative side of the diode goes to the input of the 5Volts regulator. I will release soon the schematic so you will be able to look for your self but the green "square" or the negative side of the diode is not ground..
  • Yaa , it is the fuzzy logic board :) that keeps it from falling when tumble drying
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    Is that a part you need for your washing machine Jordi??
  • Developer
    Michael, oops you made me doubt. The diode is actually correct, i double check it. I just a polarity protection for the raw input...
  • can i participate too? :)
  • Are you talking about the new board above?You have already let out the cat from the bag few days back :)
  • well, I guess I'm kind of late here, but for me the meaning is quite obvious. it's to make me buy that board on first sight. right?
  • T3
    Normally only one way comms - but there is a pin where you can change any variable or group of variables then reboot in flight, same commands as with console. But I am not supporting it for the users, this is insanely risky without full knowledge of the system.
    I am targetting fire-and-forget philosophy. Because the less equipment you have in the field, the better it works. But the system must be fully tested...
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