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  • Krysztof? You will be able to change the mission data in flight, that is what was meant... LoL a virus specially written for amature UAV enthusiasts? Somehow i don't think so...

    Krysztof, does your new Autopilot support 2way communication?
  • Nice job on PiattoArduIMU Jordii!!
    (flat arduimu in arduino speak! lol)
    I knew I went to sleep too early (east cost) :( waaahhh!!!
    New functionality brought out to the headers as well..fantastic!!
  • T3
    'Will be able to be programmed in flight ect.'
    What the???
    And how about viruses?
  • That's the new HW that you said?
  • Nope brakar... ArduMega (or pro) will have more than one Arduino processor. Will be able to be programmed in flight ect. I think the ArduIMU is only the development platform for a Autopilot using an IMU for stabilization. No doubt that the PRO will borrow the code from the IMU project. Anyway... Does look very nice! If i had the money i would buy one for testing but unfortunatly i'm a broke/pennyless student.... Studying sucks!
  • Is this the awaited ap previously called ardupilot pro?
  • Jordi, hats off to you for developing all in one ArduPilot Board with Flat 6DOF IMU!
    Pl. take advance order from my side !
    I am dying to see it man !
  • My computer:


    Again, I'm joking :P
  • Is it a flat IMU? j/k
    Amazing as always Jordi!
  • Developer
    David Low, "the new all-in-one ardupilot board with flat-laying 6dof sensors" will come soon, pretty soon. ;-) Thanks for participating.
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