Can you spell 2000mw at 5.8 Ghz!!!!!



Frequencies: 8 channels from 5.645 to 5.945 GHz
Channels: CH1 5705 CH2 5685 CH3 5665 CH4 5645 CH5 5885 CH6 5905 CH7 5925 CH8 5945
Power: 2000mW (33dB +-1dB) of certified output power
Input Voltage: 7-24V DC, 2-6 cells battery
Cooling System: whole body heat sink and cooling fan
Channel Switching: channel button and channel display
Antenna: RP-SMA female 50 ohm connector
Size: 62mm x 42mm x 20mm
Weight: 37g


Here is the product

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  • There are some alternatives here, cheap with free shipping. I have no idea about the quality of these items but I have purchased other equipment from these people and it was good quality/worked well. Hopefully this equipment is as good as the stuff from HobbyKing which in my experience is excellent. Do need to understand the "radio" laws of each country before buying any of these items.

    Free shipping 5.8G 2000mw 12ch Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver for FPV

    Free shipping Boscam 5.8G 1W 1000MW Video Audio Transmitter TX 5KM with 5.8GHz Reciever for FPV system

    Free shipping Boscam 5.8G 500mW pulg and play system specially designed for FPV

    Free shipping 5.8G 400MW 8CH Wireless Video and Audio transmitter and Receiver for FPV TX RX
    1pcs = $105 1pcs = $99 1pcs = $89 1pcs = $82

    Free shipping BOSCAM 5.8G 200mW pulg and play system specially designed for FPV

    Free shipping BOSCAM RC305 CH8 5.8GHz Pocket Size High Sensitivity RC305 Receiver

    Free shipping Boscam RC805 5.8G Wireless AV Receiver for FPV

    Free Shipping BOSCAM 5.8G 2W 2000mw 12Ch Wireless Audio Video Transmitter AV Tx
    1pcs = $53 1pcs = $24.99 1pcs = $26.99 1pcs = $84.99

    Free Shipping Boscam 5.8ghz 1000mw 8CH Transmitter AV Module with long-distance TX for FPV

    Free Shipping BOSCAME FPV 5.8G 500mW Video Audio Transmitter 4KM for 5.8Ghz RX 28dBm TS352

    Free Shipping BOSCAME RC FPV 5.8G 400MW Video Audio A/V Transmitter TS353 TX 4KM for 5.8GHz Receiver

    Free Shipping Boscam 5.8G 200mW Tx transmitter for FPV
    1pcs = $79 1pcs = $72 1pcs = $69 1pcs = $32
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    This is just plain overkill blasting of the airwaves.

    To prove his new antenna designs, Alex (IBCrazy) has been running really low powered video TXs... like only a tenth of what the rest of us run. (I don't recall the exact power he mentions and can't find the threads right now)


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    2 watts @ microwave freqs ?  Wow!

    ...Ah well, I've fathered all the kids I want already, but I still plan on using my coconut for a few more years. 

    I guess that tin-foil hat would come in handy now.

  • Yeah, I saw this and, I'm not so sure that it's a great idea.  How far do you want to fly?

    A well set up 200mW transmitter is capable of range over 1km, I've heard of people even going 20km.  

    This high power system is just going to spray radiation everywhere.  If you don't have an effective antenna system, you still won't get long range, as it will be creating as much noise as it is creating signal.  

  • Well in the USA you need a amateur radio (HAM) license to use equipment like this legally.  I believe the max without this FCC license is in the 25mW category.   I would highly recommend getting a ham license if you plan on doing any FPV... since the FCC no longer has the Morse code requirement it is a lot easier.    Morse code requirement existed when I got mine but even then it wasn't bad.   Since the majority of the license is antennas and broadcast rules and regulations it is good to know.. plus you can use equipment like this legally.

  • If I think about how the maximum output in (most of) Europe is limited to 25mW... wow...

  • T3

    It is not all about then amount of Watts you are putting out. That antennas and of those antennas in relationship to CF structures play a huge role is signal quality.

  • I wonder if the 2000mw will not interfere with the APM sensor? Will it not be better to wrap this unit in a piece of foil.

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