Canada Drones on vacation soon...



This is just a heads up for my fellow customers. 

I am taking a break with the familly Startign July 22.  Shipping will resume on August 6th. 

There is high probabilities that I will be around and shipping in the middle of it (we are not really going away) but there is no guaranties that I will ship orders.  On the list of things to do on vacation there is way to many things to say that we will really relax...  The list includes redoing the kitchen, getting a new car (lease is over) camping with the kids, beach time, COPTER time with video (even if I crash I will publish the best of moments!) and of course lots of beer! :)


So hurry up if you plan to need something or want a full kit, only 11-12 days to go before we close for 2 weeks!


Oh while at it... let's give you a quick update on the latest improvement on the Original Arducopter frames.

All kits now comes with thicker arms (for the same price). 

We listen to your comment and although it was nice to have the lightest frame possible the bent arms were too frequent.  So we only ship the new thicker arms from now on.

They weight just 27 grams instead of 14 for the old ones so not a major trade off. The 3DR arms are still at the top of the scale at 50 grams,














Enjoy the summer!

and thanks to all for the amazing ride so far! you all blew my expectation, stay tune to see what the next months have in reserve... lots of new thing brewing....










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  • Distributor

    no worries, BTW this item is for 2 arms, so you can buy the 2 sets to do 6. 

    Website maintenance is part of my to do things while "on vacation" to take care of the website.  It has too many products and can use better categories and sorting.  I just dont have time anymore to make it look nice but it's really important.  

  • Cheers. I couldn't find them for the life of me on your site.

  • Dany: Is it possible to order a set (6) or singles of the new arms for the Original Copter?

  • Moderator
    Cool, thats the same, somewhat dismissive, comment I used to say to my kids! (doesn't work on teenagers)

    Dany, I will try to sneak under the wire with my order... The stars have to align, as well as my bank account, my wife's mood, the backorders, etc.

    If I miss the date, have a great vacation, and we'll catch you when you return!
  • Ok, since I'm new to quads, I wasn't sure what that meant. I measured my arms, ~1.0mm.  0.4mm?!  That's crazy!

  • Distributor

    Nope.... Robert go to sleep, it clearly state "Original Arducopter frames" :)

  • What's the deal with the arms?  Are those for 3DR quads?

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