CarbonCore Cortex by Autonomous Avionics



Autonomous Avionics is proud to annouce their latest ready-to-fly X8 octocopter. The CarbonCore Cortex folding airframe is an 800mm coaxial carbon fiber airframe loaded with a 3D Robotics Pixhawk flight controller. The 8 MN4120 T-Motors are more than adequate for carrying a full frame DSLR camera and 3-Axis gimbal. Each aircraft is hand-assembled, tuned, and flight tested before it leaves the shop.






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  • I forgot to mention that i run MN4010 tmotor.

  • Hi,

    I'm the proud owner of a cortex with pixhawk, and i had a lot of fun to work with it. I have a problem now that i need to put larger props ( i was flying soft 15", and i want to put tmotor 15 on the top and 16 on the bottom, as carboncore do).

    My copter overshoot, wobble, and it's worse in loiter...    Could you share your PID's? I made lot of test and mods, feel free to ask if you need.



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