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  • Hilarious. What a crazy sense of humour. Made me laugh.

  • You can really hear those engines purring :-)
  • So if this quad was to loose engine would it be a Catastrophic failure? Sorry couldn't resist that one :-)
  • It made it into a newspaper here in Melbourne Australia !?

  • Moderator

    From rcgroups:  The cat model comes as a kit, the dog model is an ARF... oh dear...

  • I can see from the video that a very very basic control board is used, costing some 16US$ ;-)))))

  • awesome shirt! 

  • not as bad as the guy i saw  that mounted the heads of plush toy animals on his walls like a hunter, now that was disturbing.

    it still rates a 9.5 on my creepy meeter

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    Anish, +1... this is what I felt in my heart but my brain didn't know the words!

  • tending more towards nut than genius

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