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    I heard the Secret Service uses a "Drone Gun", basically a light net they can blast out with a shotgun.

  • I waiting for someone to make Drone Interceptor a market. Then drones will have to develop countermeasures...and so on.
  • Jammers are damn simple to bypass anyway if you really want a DIY cruise missile. Just avoid RC equipment and telemetry at all. Just preprogram the mission and add a simple pcb that will fool the autopilot that the RC link is perfectly ok.

    GPS jamming won't do much as it's really limited in range.

  • Thinking of making a Jamming device? Might want to read the link below.

    This is for Australia, probably the same in the U.S?


  • Even swamping 2.4ghz you could have control on 433 MHz and video in 1.2ghz so NYPD would need to swamp those bands also, maybe they could jam gps also. NOW THAT would be a nice mess for  FCC.

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    Good point Nikola Rabchevsky.

  • I'd be interested to know how the NYPD plans on insuring themselves against falling drones.  Beyond that, the jammer would effectively have to swamp the entire 2.4 GHz ISM band which will also affect wifi in the area.  I would think that the FCC would take a dim view of this.

  • I am sure NYPD knocking drones out of the sky is not going to make for a dangerous situation.  The Police and FAA have a screwed up concept about what all this is about.  When the state begins to view its people as the enemy, it is time to review who the state is.

  • Exactly vorobushek "This imbecile trend ultimately extrapolates to banning the life itself, 'cause it's inevitably fatal and unsafe."

    It is also happening in agriculture here in argentina with towns legislating about crop spraying only allowed from two kilometers around towns for example with no proof of how is 2 km or 1 or 100 mts a logical distance. Just spoiled by calling every crop chemical "agrotoxic" in the media.

  • Clearly they want to be the only entity able to fly RC, sitting in a bunker, keeping an eye on everyone and bombing people with flying death machines as easily as if it was a video game, meanwhile forbidding people to just have harmless fun and use the tool with good intentions. But the [insert appropriate curse here]s forgot the Newton's third law, which is F1 = −F2.

    This imbecile trend ultimately extrapolates to banning the life itself, 'cause it's inevitably fatal and unsafe.

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