Cheap Drones has a Customer for Life!

3689469867?profile=originalI recently showed an interest in supporting Cheap Drones over Hobby King in this thread, since Cheap Drones is a small company and I'm always glad to support them over big business.  Cheap Drones sent me a freebie gift since I'd shown interest in their products.  Now I was expecting maybe a t shirt or a lanyard, so I was shocked when I got an FPV Raptor kit in the mail!  All I can say is that Cheap Drones has a customer for life; I intend to buy all the FPV and plane equipment I need from them.

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  • Thanks everyone!  Jesse, we haven't seen your orders in our system just yet?  Must be a glitch on the matrix or something, we'll look into it, but thanks for the kind words!!!  Hans, agreed, we would love to see your build!  Thanks Mauricio, comments like this really ARE appreciated, it's not easy starting any business, and your all's support means the world to us.  Thank you soo much everyone!

  • Nice, congrats to both Cheap Drones & customer. I also send my best wishes and support to Cheap Drones.....  every big company started one day small.

  • T3

    Haha, it was just the airplane kit so now I need some guts like motor, ESC, servos, RX/TX, and FPV.  But I'll get as much of that as I can from Cheap Drones, those guys are great.

  • A free FPV kit you say? Well then, in that case......... I must also say how much I LOVE Cheap Drones. I've been buying from them all my life. Best customer service in town! And their selection, it's out of this world! ;-)

    You may direct all free products to my mailing address of...... :-D

  • Impressive! Can I get one too? LOL

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