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  • best video, a humorous side to this hobby quad fpv racing.

    get the kit for $148 or RTF with devo 7 radio like $226

  • can u share the arducopter parmas file for this frame. i would like to know the roll and pitch PIDs for this frame. my quad is not taking the auto tune command. i have exactly the same frame and 1806 2300 KV motors.

  • Use 2.4 Ghz control w  5.8Hgz video for avoid flicker

  • STOP unadequate trolling plz

    All frame may be broke (may be with the exception of some kevlar made)
    cos all frame is durable and lightweight but fragile =(

    Price for all component of racing quad  is overestimated
    NO NEED 600mW TX =)  u NOT flight over 100m distance - just use 200mW 5.8GHz TX for avoid flicker

    NO NEED googles - u just will often lost orientation if u not may see u quad.


    Racing quad MUST be cheap, light, simple and will be brocken at all - and repair at all - over and over again =)

  • @technicus

    Why are you buying motors that 2 out of the 4 reviewers have said were dead and needed replacing, and the 3rd was not all that happy ?


    You have not flown your 250 all that much its way to clean, my guess is its had probably less than 10 flights. Ive had plenty of crashes at speed and height and my Lumenier 250 is still in one piece, plenty of grass marks but nothing has broken. Like your comment said "if you find", that means your trying multiple frames, which is a lottery and its not free, and thats the point.

    Go watch rcmodelreviews on YT and he will verify that cheap frames are not worth wasting your time, when you have some real crashes.

  • I started the FPV 250 racing thing. I bought a ready to fly drone for 379$ + 70$ shipping. 5 days later I started having lots of fun!!

    That does not include the gazilion spare props I bought and batteries.

    The only thing not included was the 7in monitor + receiver that I already have. 

    I will try the batterie at the bottom of the drone. Right now it's winter and I have to be careful when I land.

    STORM Racing Drone (Type-A V4 / with RC Tx)
    Free Upgrade to Airy 2204-2300kv brushless motors & Emax Bullet 35A BLHeli_S ESC Introduction of FPV flying for everyone, fully loaded with advanc…
  • Tilt servo for mobius could help for hig speed racing

  • And finally - alredy done =)

  • Ups...
    more affordable test
    >300g real trust w 2 blade 5030 at 5.5 A =)

  • Apropos\

    set for $16 - 200g trust from axis
    SimonK fw 10A ESC +  1804 2400KV + 5030 Propeller

    $64 4pcs  =)

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