CHEAP LIDAR: We were looking for an inexpensive LIDAR (laser ranging) solution for a robotics project we were working on. We could not find one so, using the lidar unit for the XV-11, we developed one: PROTOX2D LIDAR ( Its simple to use - via the provided usb cable, simply read Serial output (115200bps, 8N1) the angle and distance values. Angles 0-360 degrees, and distance value are in millimeters(mm). Can be used with many sbc such as raspberry pi, pcduino, pc, mac, etc....any device that can read serial output via usb.

data output: Unit ID, Y Degree (always 0 for ProtoX2D), X Degree, Distance in mm, Quality of Signal, RPM of Laser Assembly, CRNL

EXAMPLE USE from a Linux terminal:

>> screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

sample output:
['A1', '0', '276', '239', '1094', '203']
['A1', '0', '277', '239', '1100', '203']
['A1', '0', '278', '240', '1123', '203']
['A1', '0', '279', '240', '1118', '203']
['A1', '0', '308', '302', '734', '203']
['A1', '0', '309', '298', '881', '203']
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  • 50,000 hours MTBF on a brushed DC motor?

  • Mark, 

    We have no hard data as yet on MTBF. I assume the dc motor component would be the greatest point of failure and they generally have 50000 hours of MTBF. We haven't experienced a failure yet however we've only run them for a few months now. (and not continuously).

  • VERY cool - any idea what the MTBF is?  I'm just wondering if it would be a viable solution on something where it was running constantly, and if so, how long before it fails...

  • I'm not quite sure how to answer that question accurately. Bright sunlight or if the laser is hitting a very dark (black / non-reflective object) reduces its accuracy. The 5th data element is the Quality of Signal. As it approaches 0 the distance reading is less reliable.  

  • Under what operating conditions could a user expect the full 6m range?  Under what conditions would that range be reduced to, say, 3m?

  •  The Laser used in this LIDAR unit will not perform very well in bright sunlight or against very BLACK colored objects.


    Field of View:
       X: 360 degrees, 1 degree angular resolution
    Effective Range:  <6 meters
    Accuracy: +-2mm on a 10% reflective surface.
    Interface: USB 2.0
    Output: Serial, 115200 BPS 8N1

  • Pretty cool.  What are the min and max distances under various operating conditions?

  • It uses USB for communication. Although, we are using an arduino micro-controller so it would be possible.

  • Does it have to be USB? 

    Can you do any other interface?

  • Wow, that looks very promising.  Definitely cool to see some low-priced Lidar units.

    But it says it won't work well in bright sunlight?

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