I want to share my journey of designing a drone in India, start to finish, hopefully for cheap and mainly built from recycled items to keep the costs down.

I started this project as a free-time project, but I would like to carry it on as a mainstream project with help from you guys.

My aim is to keep the costs down as I am only 13 years old and its a bit difficult for me to spend a lot of money on shipping,etc.


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    Hello Kabir,

    Thank you for the update on the parts and the picture, it's great to see you have them there with you to start working on your build, I hope that they will keep you going while you are waiting on the other parts, I hope Crasher's and other peoples parts start to arrive soon! :)





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    Pictures!!! All of this is from Martin! Love you Martin!


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    Thanks, everyone who donated the parts!!

    Martin's parts are hopefully arriving today or tomorrow. Thanks for shipping the parts Crasher! Drone building commences on the 1st of July.

    I have almost finalized a design for the delta wing. Planning on adding a Raspberry Pi into the drone for some other stuff. 

    I'll post a picture of the parts as they arrive! Thanks again everybody.

    BTW, I need a LiPo and Charger to get it in the air, if anyone has extras...

  • Top man Martin!!!!!

    My parts went out last week Mohammed. 

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    Hello Kabir,

    I have sent the items I listed for you today, they should be with you on Thursday, I did change the props as you asked for the larger ones, I have added two sets of these for you:



    I have instructed FedEx to bill me for any importation duties so you should not have any charges when they arrive with you!


    Please keep us all updated on how you get along with your project!





  • Have you tried asking your school if they could fund your project? I got 5000+ towards multicopters all paid for by the school.

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    Thanks for all the parts and encouragement guys. It really means a lot to me that I am getting a positive response on this. I would especially like to thank Martin for his generousness. Respective interested people, please check your PMs.

  • Hi Mohammed.

    I certainly have an brand new unused 69Amp ESC you can have, Also an unused x-bee if I can remember where I put it! PM me and I will see what else I have, may even be a HET brushless motor in my box,


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    I see this Gary:



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    This is the frog image I see rather than whatever is said to be there.


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