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  • You pay $20,000 and then you have to "Shake" to start it.. :-) LOL!!!

    but i suppose this belonged to Sensefly Ebee so where did this Parrot come from?

  • I see maybe U.S.$2,500 worth of product here, with replacement parts being pricey.
    I hope Gary McCray is right and some of this technology filters down to the AR Drone.
    I often wonder when ALIGN and e-Flight will wake-up and get into the drone business.


  • Try buying all the subcomponets of your iphone and assembling it yourself.  I know many here are capable, and interested, in that sort of detail but many UAS users will be just that, users.  Look what happened to building your own model airplane from a box of sticks when the ARF models became affordable. 20K for the "it just works"  yep.

  • Dont forget the software part, you are not going to go to fly and get back with a memory full of useless fotographs, you will also need to make a mosaic geo orthophoto, and maybe a digital terrain in 3d, or that part you leave for your client...?

  • Great

  • I like what they did with the Quadrotor for my purposes (introductory training in FPV flight) and it was amazingly cheap at $300.  Now they have a simpler fixed wing for 20K?  Must have a government contract..........

  • They're clearly aiming at a non-hobby market... large companies and governments will throw away large sums of money on "ready to go" solutions... and will generally pay ridiculous prices if it comes with a "it works" guarantee. The other side is research. Why put in a grant proposal requesting $500 to build your own drown and operate it, when you can ask for $20,000 for a "commercial drone"... it's not your money... you're just having to convince someone else to give you the money (and they often want to know where the project risks are... a non-flying drone is one of them).

    Look at Nao robots... I have 4... they cost AUD$17,000 each to land in the country... they sell for EUR$12,000. There's no more than EUR$2000 worth of hardware. Add twice that for recouping dev costs and running the company.. call it EUR$6000 base price... it's not at retail yet, so academia is clearly supporting the ongoing effort to get it to market, by paying through the nose. Mind you, it wasn't my money, but my employers, and to them, $50K is a drop in the ocean if it's going to have a measurable impact on teaching and research (which its easy to show it will... cool robots motivate students and excite grant managers)!

  • MR60

    This comes down to : You pay your IGNORANCE. It is the same in the computer world where people pay thousands of dollars for a really mid-range desktop PC. Why ? Simply because people pay their ignorance.

    This is true for every thing : from the mechanics of your car to these UAV sold at 20k or more.

    DIY drone, Self built PCs, etc are the proof that with taking some time to get knowledge, you actually EARN money.

    Let the ignorant pay such prices, just get knowledge, read, learn, read, learn and save money.

  • I know I saw an article in a UK paper about that quadcopter being used in the Police force, the price tag on that was 40k.

  • I talked them at CES. Definately 20k. I also saw a 550 quad that was going for 50k. Sort of blew me away.

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