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  • Developer

    Very good talk.  The object avoidance part in particular at least for me.

  • CES was truly a huge deal for the drone industry, especially with these big players getting involved:

  • I hope you have a "Solo Pro" planned to activate the untapped software capabilities in a commercial market. The current product doesn't strike me as a good match for that. But as I said, 'watch this space'. Hopefully you chat a lot with companies like Aeronavics in New Zealand. You two could make beautiful music together. 

  • 3D Robotics

    Solo is the shiny package our software comes in ;-) It's about the platform, not the product. Thus the new software features we can add so easily -- there's a lot of power in that package, much of it still untapped. 

    If you want pro video, there are lots of other copters and cameras. But that's not our market. Solo offers cinema-style video for regular people, but more importantly it's built for enterprise data capture for commercial markets (with a range of cameras and sensors). That's where you'll see our software roadmap for Solo this year. 

  • That's very interesting. How does the Solo fit in to being a 'software company'? Is it just a platform to host all the cool software development? I had very high hopes for it but I'm afraid that putting a GoPro on it just doesn't cut it in this day and age if it's meant to be a video platform. If only you could have partnered with GoPro for a killer camera only available on the Solo. Wow, that would be a killer combination. 

    But over the years the one thing I've learned about 3DR is to 'watch this space'. I have faith that something really cool is around the corner based on history. I'm still a fan boy so don't let me down. :-)

  • 3D Robotics

    Jon, have you contacted customer support? If so, pls PM me your order details and I can escalate.

  • 99 million in funding and I still don't have my parts from 3DR San Diego to Seattle a month later....

  • Developer  is a better link to the actual video of Chris Speaking.

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