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Jon commented on Xiangyu Li's blog post Pixhawk-powered 5kg payload/1hour flight time hexacopter and 5-lens camera system
"Any video of flight times while carrying  payload? "
Jan 7, 2017
Jon commented on David L.'s blog post Rise of budget home build long range open source micro UAV
"Just checked out the blog post, great write up. Thanks for posting"
Dec 24, 2016
Jon commented on Alex's blog post Nimbus racing drone – full body carbon fiber monocoque on INDIEGOGO
"Is the battery replaceable in the field?"
Dec 5, 2016
Jon commented on Jon's blog post 260mm quad flies 70mph, 4k 150FOV powered by Nvidia, Open API
"Teal OS, SDK not yet released
The hardware is a Jetson TX1 http://www.nvidia.com/object/jetson-tx1-module.html and all about performance per watt - triple the proc power of a Pi.  Pretty slick hardware but not a lot of followers ( yet! ).
Jul 26, 2016
Jon posted a blog post
Interesting story about a young entrepreneur who is starting up this impressive spec quad. Also has some sort of internal 3 axis…
Jul 21, 2016
Jon commented on Hugues's blog post Review & test of Gearbest's Pixhawk and comparison with 3DR's Pixhawk
"I agree with Gary, feels like it's slipping away."
Jul 18, 2016
Jon commented on Jason Wise's blog post Quanum V52 Ground Control System - HobbyKing
"3D Twist with Rudder Lock
The joystick's twist rudder controls add another dimension of command to simulated flight. If you prefer more traditional control, a rudder lock switch disables the twist capabilities and confines input to the X and Y axes…"
May 26, 2016
Jon commented on Attila's blog post Flyboard® Air Test
"Oliver - The turbine link I posted was a complete guess "
Apr 21, 2016
Jon commented on Attila's blog post Flyboard® Air Test
"http://www.modelaircraftcompany.com/jet.../prod_1380.html 88lbs of thrust each, 4 should do the trick. Now we just need 40k, some AFuel , a PID loop that supports throttlle lag and a parachute that deploys in under 100ft"
Apr 20, 2016
Jon commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Augmented reality, custom geofencing, smart "rewind" and more in new 3DR Solo software
"Wow, just wow!  Any videos of the AR stuff? Been salivating over this one since the Hololens was released"
Apr 18, 2016
Jon commented on Eduardo Romero's blog post GoPro KARMA drone, Is it a game changer?
"Flying your drone over a ski area unfortunately ain't gonna happen. The no drone zone signs are already cropping up around the PNW including national parks."
Mar 10, 2016
Jon commented on Olivier's blog post Some High-End Police Drones Can Be Hacked Using $40 Kits
"Anyone who spent 35k on a drone with Xbee got ripped off. "
Mar 6, 2016
Jon commented on Antonio Vigoni's blog post Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics, sits down with Matt Burns at CES 2016
"99 million in funding and I still don't have my parts from 3DR San Diego to Seattle a month later...."
Jan 7, 2016
Jon commented on Patrick Duffy's blog post Chinese drone maker Ehang Inc. Unveiled World's first drone capable of carrying a human passenger.
"Witespy has it for half price"
Jan 7, 2016
Jon commented on Patrick Duffy's blog post Ford issues $100000 challenge for developers to create drone to vehicle communication system
"First prize in the Jimmy challenge is a $100 DJI gift certificate"
Jan 6, 2016
Jon commented on Darius Jack's blog post FAA Small UAS Registration Rule Law banned development of model ArduPlane ArduCopter ?
"Manned ultralights and other DIY aircraft still don't require registration?"
Dec 17, 2015