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The news release said, "CEO Mark Fields said a goal is to set up a system, for example, where a United Nations emergency worker could launch a drone from an F-150 to survey a disaster scene.

“A drone will actually have the coordinates and be able to then land back into the bed of the F-150, even though it’s in another location,” Fields told WWJ Auto Beat Reporter Jeff Gilbert.

The rapidly deployable surveying system ideally would work like this: A response team would drive an F-150 as far as possible into an emergency zone caused by an earthquake or tsunami. Using the Ford SYNC touch screen, the driver could identify a target area and launch a drone through an appicon1.png. The drone would follow a flight path over the zone, capturing video and creating a map of survivors with associated close-up pictures of each.

Using the driver’s smartphone, the F-150 would establish a real-time link between the drone, the truck and the cloud, so vehicle data can be shared. Data will be relayed to the drone so the driver can continue to a new destination, and the drone will catch up and dock with the truck."

Anybody interested in working on this challenge? 

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  • I have to reprogram to standard telemetry. Can't get the Craft & Theory script to work with ArduCopter.

  • I made some progress. :) The controls would need to be a bit more aggressive to land on a moving vehicle. 

  • Should make it easier:


  • Another stupid challenge to make hundreds of smart drone operators

    to try to land his/her drone on top of a truck/ bus tommorrow to win $$$

  • The 'challenge' has probably already been won.

    Consider these factors;

    - the number of F150 utes manufactured

    - the number of DJI controlled machines ever flown

    - the number of DJI controlled machines flown away (i.e. must surely count as autonomous)

    From a FPV perspective.... permission has been granted by the owner to share this video with the DIYD membership. Filmed in ArnhemLand in remote northern Australia (which is most definitely Toyota country).


  • I win M$ hype challenges world-wide

    but has never received a single Cent.

    Challenge is already closed and the winner lives in the Switzerland.

    I have contacted him to arrange for a test drive with his self-driving ETOS car

    coming with personal drone, offering exactly what  is sought  by CEO Mark Fields.


    So I preferred $10 - $100 real money small assignments

    I want you to ....

    I can Do ...

    by f. CEO at Second Life

    Coffee&Power San Francisco Project

    Virtual Money makes us virtually happy

    Real money makes us happy for real

  • "My current findings: soft iron effects galore is all I have to say.... especially on the GMC truck bed."

    Shouldn't be a problem in a 2016 Ford as they're built out of recycled aluminum cans and modified corn starch now. :)

  • Been playing with this idea on my Titan and our shop's GMC as I'm lazy lugging equipment around nowadays.

    Aside from ground effects of a truck bed (more difficult than one thinks), take off and landing is all about calibration... much like boats [already in the water]. Open loop comes to mind.

    My current findings: soft iron effects galore is all I have to say.... especially on the GMC truck bed.

    In the end, Matrice's going to need truck mounted cameras (hence why even use a Matrice), not going to happen reliably/repeat-ably with on-board stuff. Idealize what it takes to fly in a forrest fire for instance. 1st responders never encounter clear sky, zero wind days.

    As for speeds, FPV, pilot vs computer and guidance... a coworker of mine had already identified the requirements.

  • What is the top speed?

  • Now the post is getting interesting. I like the DIY spirit. l would throw in some clams to sweeten the pot. Might be interesting to see at what top speed an FPV pilot, flying from the passenger seat, could land on/in a moving vehicle, just for fun. Human guided vs. computer guided. 

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