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The news release said, "CEO Mark Fields said a goal is to set up a system, for example, where a United Nations emergency worker could launch a drone from an F-150 to survey a disaster scene.

“A drone will actually have the coordinates and be able to then land back into the bed of the F-150, even though it’s in another location,” Fields told WWJ Auto Beat Reporter Jeff Gilbert.

The rapidly deployable surveying system ideally would work like this: A response team would drive an F-150 as far as possible into an emergency zone caused by an earthquake or tsunami. Using the Ford SYNC touch screen, the driver could identify a target area and launch a drone through an appicon1.png. The drone would follow a flight path over the zone, capturing video and creating a map of survivors with associated close-up pictures of each.

Using the driver’s smartphone, the F-150 would establish a real-time link between the drone, the truck and the cloud, so vehicle data can be shared. Data will be relayed to the drone so the driver can continue to a new destination, and the drone will catch up and dock with the truck."

Anybody interested in working on this challenge? 

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  • This sounds like a great challenge, besides the DJI and F-150 requirements. What a way to limit innovation.

    Still would be interested in working on the challenge, or Jim's variant!

  • *Good towards Inspire Pro Package Only

  • First prize in the Jimmy challenge is a $100 DJI gift certificate

  • Post a video of the Iris+ landing on the truck and explain how you tricked the drone into thinking it's not moving anymore. I have tons of Iris parts so crash away. 

  • The Jimmy Truck Challenge 2016. :)  Where is your rules package? 

    If I win, you can keep the money, but I will send you a box of crashed copters for repair. :)

  • Ok. I issue the $100 Truck/Car Challenge. If you can land your drone on a vehicle doing 10 mph, I send you the money. 

  • The problem is the requirement to have access to a brand new F150.

  • Moderator

    We could always make it a T3 competition and move the decimal point across on the prize money to 1 or $10 I guess ten would buy some beer in most places in the world!

  • What DJI only?  I guess I should have read the fine print. It could still be interesting to do the challenge with a real platform not limited to a toy.

  • Yep.  This is for DJI only.  Rather disappointing on Ford.  Makes the whole competition uninteresting.

    Who would even think about using a DJI system for real Search and Rescue?  They're just toys.  Just taking advantage of hype IMO.

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