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  • Gopro is dead...and that makes me happy. 

  • I remember gopro YT channel. I annoyed how gopro ALWAYS ignored DJI drone hardware in annotations. So DJI  damn right to downed dat ungrateful bastards. )

  • I'd say they will sell a ton when first produced - to fill up their distribution pipeline. Once the "first movers" already have them, sales will slow and it will be just another model with less than 5% of the consumer drone market. 

  • GoPro has stated publicly that "drones are the ultimate GoPro accessory". That sort of ego, coupled with the fact that GoPro has basically done zero, to make the camera useful for anything other than a video selfie points towards missing the bigger picture of what drones are useful for. If they had a compelling product pipeline DJI would have tried to buy them out. 3DR is going with sony, and the stock price of GoPro is suffering from hubris that investors stoped having faith in.
  • Flying your drone over a ski area unfortunately ain't gonna happen. The no drone zone signs are already cropping up around the PNW including national parks.

  • Sure it'll change some games...most likely none that I'm playing though.. :)  But who knows...certainly nobody here knows since next to nothing about it is public. restate the question: "will technological innovation change the scape of the drone community?"  Answer: yes, absolutely.  Will the Karma change anything?  Nobody outside those working directly on the Karma have any clue...  I'd venture to say Bobby Brown doesn't even know. :)

  • Marc Dornan "DJI have already killed GoPro drone with the P4"
    W P2 two year ago.
    And now they killed all Hero4 versions cam (include Black) w their (and most chinese produced too) cameras.
    Eduardo Romero @Any guesses/ hints on the specs and costs?"
    Unknown any spec, design,timeline and price. It's gamer changer? ROFL =)
  • DJI have already killed GoPro drone with the P4, would be my guess. I am sure the form factor will be nice and it will probably be waterproof.

  • The new Phantom auto follows and I'm sure is selling like hot cakes
  • (oh, maybe I should have watched the video first.. It does not appear to be auto following him in the video, which was my assumption)

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