Hi, couple beginner questions on the RTF quad. After getting stick time behind the v202 I purchased the RTF kit because of my remote island location in the middle of the pacific. It's 2000mi over open ocean to the nearest hardware store which makes things a little more difficult... and shipping takes a month min. The good news is there's nothing to hit but water  :D

I have the blue motors w collet prop adapters. When I put just the clamp (collet?) part on the shaft of the motor it doesn't automatically straighten even when I tighten with all the other prop and bits. I've tried to eyeball it and then install bits but when I spin by hand I can see it's still off center.

Am I required to cut the shaft down? There's about half of the shaft still visible when the collet is fully placed.

One of the motors I can feel a slight shaft play but only during half of it's rotation. Sort of like a single bearing is loose inside. How much tolerance should there be on shaft? The other motors are tight (3 remaining  on quad, and the 2 exrra I purchased.

How hot should the video TX rx1260 get? I have only plugged everything in to test and within about 5min it was too hot to touch. I had antennas always installed on both ends.

Anywhere I can find installation info on the camera gimble? Can't seem to fit it anywhere with a 2200mah battery mounted.

Thanks for any help on this.

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aah man I have found it hard to find good quality collets that are deep enough on the motor shafts, the collet could be bent also. sometimes I boot up the motor with out a prop and the collet on and slowly creep a marker against the shaft. when it touches ever so slightly it will make the shaft unevenly if its bent, if its straight it will put a nice full mark on it. you can cut the shaft down, but make sure to bag the motor so metal filings don't end up in the motor.


video tx tend to get quite hot, some have good heatsink casings or if not its best to make sure it has plenty of airflow over! but its quite normal that it gets hot, don't run it stationary for long periods of time.


not sure about your gimbal, post a photo and ill make some suggestions

Thanks pyro, I finally got the shafts cut down. I've also confirmed that the threaded collet adapter shafts are bent. Not sure if this happened when I had the CW CCW order wrong upon first install - I initially powered up the quad and with the long shafts this may have been the weak point, and therefore bent them.

Regardless, I've got the motor shaft adapters on order with the alternate prop mounting system.

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