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  • Will the revolution ever to go back to being obscure hobby shops staffed by minimum wage high schoolers, with the people flying them back to old guys interested in flying, rather than high schoolers who couldn't care less, trying to get rich?

  • Since they charge 15% across the board I find it hard for most to consider this...

  • I doubt "drone" sales will ever have enough profit for them to bother with.  I would guess it is a very carefully thought out plan to change public perception about drones from negative into a positive light.  Notice how they immediately started with the fly safe card.  If they can change public perception, then they can use the lobbyists to get the rules they want/need to start commercial operations with their fleet of drones.  In the end most members of this community would benefit from lower parts costs, possibly less restrictive rules, and if a company with that much money in the bank gets involved better technology and reliability for the industry as a whole.

  • I'd really like to see them gain momentum in parts and build reviews.

  • Kudos to Amazon for a prominently placed "Fly Responsibly" link that points to both the AMA and AUVSI.

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    They should however change "Coming soon" to "Coming later" for the Dragonfly. Maybe Jeff Bezos is keeping the Techject team alive.

  • Source?

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