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  • Well he made it into the guiness record book, amazing toy, did not believe it at first

  • Developer

    In the video you can clearly see 4 purple Jetcat turbines hidden inside the mesh. I'm in the believer category. Most guys would screw up the special effects if they tried to fake it, but the physics looks completely correct, even down to the radius of the flow of exhaust before it becomes completely turbulent. 

  • Oliver - The turbine link I posted was a complete guess 

  • I was with Leonard at first but now have some doubts ... 

    4 turbines like those for 88kg total thrust, size 5"diameter and 14" length each, same as used by "Jetman" Yves Rossy? (Or  larger ones like the P300s or P400s.) Fuel consumption  at max rpm would  be 2.8l/minute for 4.  Plus some side ones for yaw control as Laurent says. 14kg fuel sort of checks out.  And a heck of a stabilization controller.

    Seems at least plausible ... If it's a fake it's very well done.

  • Developer

    It looks like it is possible but I would like to see more on the base and specifications before I admit my mistake :)

  • Presumably the EDFs are meant to be for yaw control?
    Something like this would have to use thrust vectoring for stability wouldn't it? It doesn't seem like the moment arm would be sufficient for differential thrust for such a high CG?

  • Absolutely real. There is a long interview of the team by ClubIc (in French) here:

    In brief: 4 microjets under the board delivering a total of 1000HP, plus two small (electric) motors on the side for yaw control. The microjets are moved by the onboard controller to maintain attitude and react to the body movement. Current flight time is 4 minutes with 14Kg of fuel in a backpack.

  • 88lbs of thrust each, 4 should do the trick. Now we just need 40k, some AFuel , a PID loop that supports throttlle lag and a parachute that deploys in under 100ft

  • Developer

    Fake, a good fake though :)

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