Chris Anderson talks rocket motors with Elon Musk


...During a question-and-answer session with "3D Robotics" editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, Musk said that affordable commercial space travel will never be possible with the current model, which relies on single-use booster rockets.


Looking forward to watching this discussion, Musk seems like a pretty cool dude.

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  • Jack, it's all about timing:!rocketchallenge/c22xk#!about/c136u

    Rockets are plain cool, but then again, having worked at OSC/Orbcomm in the early days-- seeing the challenges for a space startup, I'll bet on a space elevator [tech] anyday for cheap, ubiquitous access to space.
  • Must say, Elon Musk is a true South African role model...

  • Chris is also THE POPE of open hardware. He surely can teach a trick or two to Elon.

    And open hardware electric vehicles kicks a lot more ass than Tesla.

  • Developer

    In case you missed the boat Jack, Chris is by now a well known and established person in the UAV and robotics related scene. And his background in media makes him well suited to lead the questionare. That is why..

  • Jack,

    All I know, is that rocketships and electric cars kick a whole lot of ass!

  • Why is Chris still interviewing guests if he's not at Wired anymore?  Don't think any video will be released any more than the video of him shooting Bin Laden or poisoning Hugo Chavez.

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