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  • Circuit Lab Rocks. Very neat interface. I agree - the Java app is not actually a simulator. I would say its more like an emulator.  I came across another cool product at It has the feel of real looking devices and components. 

  • Davis - yes, the live DC simulation is interesting, however for any live circuit, it's value is limited.

    It's the ability to share circuits which rocks. This will become a standard - not for designing circuits - but for "Publishing" them.

    Imagine if every circuit at OpenCircuits was live, editable, and could be simulated under specific loads?

  • I like the way the java one works the as in the way it lets you visualize the movement of current in the circuit.  It's a preference thing.  I don't know why.  Maybe this one will grown on me.  I'm certainly liking this sharing feature.  Most of the stuff I make is very simple though.    

  • David - a Java App is not an Online simulator - it still has local file save etc - Circuit lab allows circuit sharing - a real boon for this Open Source Hardware - try mine above!

    now show me the link to your falstad circuit?

    See the difference?

  • Quite Fun.

    Here's a Boost Circuit.

    (Hint Open/Simulate/Time Domain)

  • Moderator

    Good find Jorn, thanks

  • I just use this one .... but that one might have advantages too

    Circuit Simulator Applet
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