Open source KINECT drivers on the go!

Well it was high time someone won the Adafruit "competition".
Now on to exploit...uh..sorry making good use of his achievements!

See the vid:
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Get the drivers:
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  • Kinect has different interface to XBOX. I was wondering is there any USB Converters we get in market. To connect to computer to program it. ?
  • I will warn you, the Kinect is packed with electronics. I have seen a slicle open photo of the internals of the device. It is packed in tight in there. One nice thing is the Kinect has a tilt servo that adjust to the item that it is tracking. Would be nice to add in a pan servo and let it go to work.
  • Developer
    I looking forward to pulling the box apart to see if it can be made smaller and more lightweight. The possibilities for a true depth mapped video camera are mind boggling.
  • I just like how the screenshot looks like it is linux.
  • This is certainly some really cool stuff (can hardly contain myself).

    Example of a point cloud extracted from Kinect (single) image:

  • Wow this is amazing!

    It gives the opportunity of cheap and off - the - shelf indoor navigation, surveillance and mapping! Great work!
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