Colorado's High Peaks - The SenseFly Option


The most straightforward option is the out-of-the-box solution provided by the SenseFly eBee. The system is easy-to-use, well-tuned and specifically designed for this sort of application. The recent 3D mapping of the Matterhorn using this system was the original inspiration for this project. I have contacted SenseFly and hope to have information to share soon. Does anyone have experience with this system?

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  • I just think for them to build that thing is no more than $3000 excluding the camera. Now what are they selling them for $80 000? now that is a hell of a mark-up.

  • I agree with @Gary_Mortimer this is one of the cheapest out there and I dont know if its just a consequence or not, but the same year SenseFly entered the US market Trimble dropped the price on their platform.

  • So what do you say? must we up our prices then people will buy from us more.

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    @Christiaan its not as expensive in the rest of the world ;-)

  • It looks very familiar with what Trimble are using with there aerial survey/mapping system.
  • Just before I left to start my own company, my former employer bought one of these. They are very user friendly and your salesman (at least ours) gave a ton of demos and trained our team on how to use it (When your spending this much money on something, salesmen want to make sure your happy). The only issue is...they have been unable to use it because legal issues with lawyers. Lack of FAA rules has the legal staff skeptical about using it.

  • Too expensive, buy a skywalker X5 and add the APM and Canon camera with CHDK an this will do the exact same plus the standard PID's is pretty good for the X5.

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