Combining Live View / Telemetry / Mission Planner

This my version of seeing everything working together without an OSD.   I used this video view to tune the Bixler from the stock parameters, and to get a good idea of how everything all works together. 

This video focuses on way point missions (auto) and geo-fence breaches (guided).   Please note that everything is not as smooth as I would like it to be as the plane tuning is a work in progress.

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  • What are your main PID settings?

  • Excellent Harris !

  • I guess I did miss sharing the video process:

    1. The original footage was taken from a 808 #16 HD camera mounted on the canopy of the Bixler. 
    2. The telemetry (top right) screen was recorded directly from my Mission Planner - "Flight Data" ground station with native options. (Right-click in artificial horizon)
    3. After the flight the two movies were combined picture-in-picture mode with a Mac and iMovie.  
    4. The flight log was replayed in Mission Planner - "Flight Planner" with appropriate geo-fence and way-points enabled, and recorded with Camstudio.  (free)
    5. Unfortunately Camstudio didn't record in a codec iMovie could understand so I had to convert using WinFF (free)
    6. Flight Planner screen (top right) recombined with main movie created in step #3.

    The process was a bit inelegant but I learned a lot about video and the APM2 in the meantime.  The most difficult step was synchronizing all the events together as some video speed had to be adjusted to correspond with the actual length of the video.   (When is a second not really a second?) 

    Rana: Thank you!

    My default altitudes were set for 50m with my ground altitude around 381m above sea level.  All waypoints were set for "Hold default Alt."  While I am getting fairly comfortable with "trusting" the APM2, I'm slowly letting it get higher and further away from me in auto mode.  My next mission tomorrow may be pushing some of my line-of-sight limitations.

  • Nice ! You seems to have been flying at an altitude, not more than 50 meters but in the overlay video, it was showing much much higher. Was it set to altitude at sea level ?

    Pls. share your video tool info and process.

  • How did you do that? With a video editor and synced up the vid with the MP displays?

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