Commercial Drone Industry: 20 People To Follow On Twitter

The Commercial Drone Community is incredibly helpful, collaborative and innovative. Today I'd love to share with you a list of 20 people to follow on Twitter. A Twitter list is also available here.

1. Paola Santana (@PaolaSantanaM)

Paola is the Co-Founder and Network Operations Lead at Matternet. Matternet is the creator of Matternet ONE, a smart drone for transportation. A Fulbright scholar and Lawyer, Paola previously worked with the World Bank and the Dominican Republic’s National Elections Court.

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2. Patrick Meier, PhD (@PatrickMeier)

Patrick is the Founder of UAViators and an internationally recognized expert on humanitarian technology and innovation. UAViators is a global Humanitarian UAV Network. Patrick has previously worked at the UN, World Bank and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.  Patrick’s new book, "Digital Humanitarians" has been endorsed by Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, UN, Red Cross, World Bank, USAID and many others.

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3. Jonathan Rupprecht (@RupprechtLaw)

Jonathan is the Founder of Rupprecht Law, PA. Jonathan’s firm helps Individuals and Businesses navigate Drone Law. Jonathan is a commercial pilot with single and multi-engine aircraft ratings. Jonathan is also the author of Drones: Their Many Civilian Uses and the U.S. Laws Surrounding Them.

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4. Jeff Taylor (@mjefftaylor)

Jeff is the Founder of Event 38. Jeff’s company builds and sells drones, sensors and a drone data management system for Agriculture, Construction, Mining and Surveying. Before starting Event 38 in 2011, Jeff worked at SpaceX and 3D Robotics.

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5. Helen Greiner (@helengreiner)

Helen is the Founder of CyPhy Works. CyPhy Works creates robots to empower people. Their flying robots are used in the commercial, consumer and defense markets. Prior to starting CyPhy Works, Helen was the Co-Founder of iRobot.

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6. Chad Colby (TheChadColby)

Chad is the Founder of Colby AgTech and AgTechTalk. Chad started Colby AgTech in 2015 with the purpose of further reaching and informing agriculture’s most progressive farmers, companies and organizations. Chad is an expert on all things Agriculture and Drones.

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7. Chris Anderson (@chr1sa)

Chris is the CEO of 3D Robotics and Founder of DIY Drones. 3D Robotics builds and sells drones for both the consumer and commercial markets. Prior to starting 3D Robotics and DIY Drones, Chris was the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine.

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8. Colin Snow (@droneanalyst)

Colin is the founder of Drone Analyst. Drone Analyst is focused on insights for the Commercial Drone Industry. Colin’s background includes manufacturing, electronics, digital imaging, field service, software, research, and mobility.

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9. Brandon Torres Declet (@btd75)

Brandon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Measure. Measure is Drone as a Service®. Prior to founding Measure, Brandon held several senior positions on Capitol Hill.

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10. Gretchen West (@gawherry)

Gretchen is a Senior Advisor at Hogan Lovells US LLP. Hogan Lovells is a global legal practice that helps corporations, financial institutions, and governments. Gretchen is a member of the firm’s Global Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Group in Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Hogan Lovells, Gretchen was DroneDeploy’s VP of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs, as well as, AUVSI’s Executive VP.

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11. Jonathan Downey (@jbdowney83)

Jonathan is the Founder of Airware. Airware provides an operating system for commercial drones. Prior to founding Airware, Jonathan worked at Boeing as a software engineer and contributed to the development and flight testing of the A160T Hummingbird, a 6,500 lb fully-autonomous helicopter.

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12. Greg McNeal (@GregoryMcNeal)

Greg is the Co-Founder of Airmap and a Professor of law & public policy at Pepperdine University. Airmap provides a highly accurate, up-to-date airspace database for unmanned aircraft. Greg also advises Measure on drones and matters related to technology law and policy.

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13. Lia Reich (@LiaReich)

Lia is the Senior Director of Communications and Marketing at PrecisionHawk. PrecisionHawk provides UAV’s and data processing services. Prior to joining PrecisionHawk, Lia was the Director of Communications for Webonise Lab and Check-in for Good.

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14. Michele Dallachiesa (@elehcimd)

Michele is the Co-Founder and CTO of Skysense. Skysense’s Charging Infrastructure makes it easy to maintain a fleet of drones and achieve truly autonomous missions. Michele has a PhD in Computer Science and previously founded GraphInsight.

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15. Peter Sachs, Esq. (@TheDroneGuy)

Peter is the Founder of Drone Law Journal. Peter has been an attorney since 1994 and an FAA-licensed commercial helicopter pilot since 1983. Peter is also the founder of the Drone Pilots Association.


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16. Emmanuel de Maistre (@emmanuel_2m)

Emmanuel is the Founder of Redbird. Redbird offers a platform for managing drone data, focused on construction sites, mines and quarries. Prior to starting Redbird, Emmanuel was involved with several biotechnology companies.

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17. Iain Butler (@theUAVguy

Iain is the Founder of Kextrel. Kextrel provides Multi-rotor and Fixed-Wing drone services. In addition to Drones, Iain is also interested in Precision Agriculture, GIS, Renewables and Search and Rescue.


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18. Brendan Schulman (@dronelaws)

Brendan is the Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs at DJI. DJI builds and sells drones for both the consumer and commercial markets. Brendan is an expert on all things related to drone law.

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19. Jonathan Evans (@jwce21)

Jonathan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Skyward. Skyward powers safe commercial drone operations. Jonathan is a professional pilot and veteran.

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20.  Jeffrey Antonelli (@Antonelli_Law)

Jeffrey is the Founder of Antonelli Law. Antonelli law is a civil litigation and corporate counsel practice. Jeffrey’s firm helps clients obtain FAA approval under Section 333.

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Comment by Thomas J Coyle III on January 10, 2016 at 2:47pm


Thanks for a great way to keep tabs on the movers and shakers in the sUAS and UAS community for 2016.



Comment by Rosalie (@rosalieinc) on January 10, 2016 at 2:49pm

@Thomas: Thank you! Glad you like it! : ) 

Comment by John Blair on January 10, 2016 at 3:10pm

awesome post Rosalie.. thanks for compiling this info!

Comment by Rosalie (@rosalieinc) on January 10, 2016 at 3:16pm

@John: Thank you! : ) Really appreciate your nice feedback! 

Comment by Cala on January 10, 2016 at 7:00pm

Nice work Rosalie, Thank's for share :)

Comment by Rosalie (@rosalieinc) on January 10, 2016 at 7:44pm

@Cala: Thank you! : ) Glad you like it! 

Comment by Jeff Taylor on January 11, 2016 at 6:10am

Thanks for including me!

Comment by Rosalie (@rosalieinc) on January 11, 2016 at 8:20am

@Jeff: Absolutely - No problem!

Comment by John Githens on January 11, 2016 at 8:29am

Well done!

Comment by Rosalie (@rosalieinc) on January 11, 2016 at 8:32am

@John: Thank you! Glad you like it! : ) 


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