Well, that's happening.

I don't know what's happening inside the Ardupilot community, it's really a community project or what else?.

But as i know and you know, the community doesn't make it private any related project, Ardupilot is a Free Software and open sourced project for related projects and for well like many others.

Today, they removed and banned to me from official Ardupilot social networks and my related project called URUS (Universal Robotics Unmanned System) propossed to the community as a solution for a universal and accesible tech for drones, robotics and unmanned vehicles system that was posted and published on their community discussion about 2 years old, and it not just, because my project is a fork from Ardupilot master and master-AVR.

I'm being paranoic, but i think the purpose from some people inside the project is to opaque the good faith that have Ardupilot growing up very fast on the unmanned robotics technology world.

I will continue with development and supporting to Ardupilot project and my project the URUS System project for well.

Thank you very much to all, sincerely.

Hiroshi Takey F.


The URUS work progress and info for the community was removed from Ardupilot discuss platform.

For people that want to continue following the URUS project work in progress info there is a mirror and you can see it at:


I hope to update the info here on diydrones mirror too at:


the documentation is work in progress too there is too much for do, but i hope to update the main tutorial to build the first example, this is updated at:


and the documentation frontend is at:


Thanks for all people that want the good of the URUS project purpose.



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  • Wow, so practically that means everything that are involved on the free software development is condemned to be a laboratory rat.

    The URUS SHAL work together with Ardupilot! and if you want something you can take it too! i have 2 years on it and you kick directly! You are playing dirty!

  • Hiroshi, you are not being paranoid. They are out to get you !!

    Relaxez-vous. Please.

  • Yes I confirm that I removed your blog from ArduPilot because it was not related to the forum discussion. 

    Lets make it clear, a blog about how to build a  twin engine console for a flight simulator software is not a project that is directly related to the forum, and I advised you to go on more appropriate platforms like Hackster or Instructable.... or diydrones.

    Personally, I  publish my smart car experiments here because Chris Anderson is getting involved and blog of my Beaglebone projects on the beaglebone.org , it is just common sense. You are free to complaint all over the web that I tagged your Beachcraft Twin engine console as inappropriate for a Drone Software Discussion Forum, but it will not change the fact that everybody is welcome (that include You) to participate in the development and enhancement of this great Flight Controller Software.

This reply was deleted.