The new Condor Skywalker 1880 is now ready for sale at

The Condor skywalker is made out of nice black EPO foam just like the black X8 wing.

The new wing design is made for better performance.

More payload - longer flying time.

Here are some pictures to see the difference between the Skywalker: 168, 1900 and the Condor 1880.

See more about the new Condor Skywalker 1880 UAV platform.

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Comment by Graham Dyer on November 26, 2013 at 7:32am

No chance of weight reduction, not with cameras and extra batteries to carry. So changing the wingtip and extending the wing (or changing to the 1900's wing but it has a similar planform) are other solutions I'm considering.

I'd like it to be aerodynamically close to optimum if possible though.


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