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Skywalker New Catapult On Sale for Fixed Wings


Skywalker are  launched new catapult for professional mapping survey at the

beginning of 2019.

     It is really amazing masterpiece at first sight. It looks superb and professional

design with aluminum alloy material. It is best choice for taking off fixed wings.


     There are some data as belows to take for reference:

     Max. launching weight: 4.5kg
     Unfolding length: 2.4m
     Unfolding height: 0.9m
     Folded length: 1.2m





Reminder: Portable and easy operation. Operate with attendance of experienced staff.

Attention: Forbidden empty launching or launching with total weight under 2kg! 


If you have any question, feel free to contact with me.


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    Our customer from Malaysia enjoys some photos of Skywalker X5PRO with whole set to us and I am really pleased to share with you. I think it is really terrific airplane to do professional mapping survey and outdoor task considering its intelligent operation and high efficiency. 




After preparing work, they start to take off this aircraft. It is really intelligent and fly faster.

The link of Skywalker X5PRO with whole set:


I have written blog of Skywalker X5PRO with whole set before and you could see more information in the video. Also, in terms of interface of ground station, you could see the picture that we have English version.

If you have any question, you could contact with me. My skype is My email is

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Skywalker X8 Honeycomb Composited Material on Sale

     Recently, Skywalker launch New Skywalker X8 that is made of new composite material instead of EPO material, aiming at satisfying customer's needs for professional mapping survey.




You could see the picture of this special material of Skywalker X8. No matter on the aspect of manufacturing technique or intensity, it has total different from former Skywalker X8. To a greater degree, it has improve a lot on flight performance.
I will introduce the specifications of this Skywalker X8(honey comb composite material).

3689725277?profile=original3689725403?profile=original3689725308?profile=original3689725360?profile=originalIf you have any question, you could contact with me at




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